Dominican Republic - ANT11-06-2024

The Dominican State donates the “Plaza Educativa Don Bosco” land to the Salesian Society

A solemn ceremony was held on Wednesday, 5 June, 2024 at the "Plaza Educativa Don Bosco", during which Dominican State signed a contract to donate the land on which the the Salesian Society's work stands. The event, which began at 11 a.m., was attended by Fr José Pastor Ramírez, Superior of the Salesians of the Province of the Antilles (ANT); Fr Carlos Antonio Piantini Brito, Rector of the Plaza Educativa Don Bosco; Fr Juan Linares Muñoz, parish priest at the Plaza Educativa Don Bosco; Dr Rafael A. Burgos Gómez, General Director of National Heritage and Honorary Director of the State Sugar Council; in addition to directors and officials of the National Heritage there were  other authorities from the Plaza Educativa Don Bosco and various distinguished guests.

This decision, carried out at the request of the National President, Luis Abinader Corona, represented by Dr Burgos Gómez, establishes the actual donation of the land on which the Plaza Educativa Don Bosco work is located, an area of 111,821.02 square metres located in the Municipality of East Santo Domingo Est, in parcel no. 1-B of land registry district no. 06.

The donation of this land does not simply constitute the significant transfer of a material asset, but represents the opening of new opportunities, and the strengthening of the values of those who invest in the integral development of future generations. The Salesians, with their long history and their dedication to the education and formation of young people, have positioned themselves as a strategic ally of the State in this noble purpose.

Fr Pastor Ramírez, in his address, expressed sincere thanks to all the authorities and guests present and underlined the important collaboration between the Salesians and the government in education. "The Salesians are historically allies of the government in a matter as delicate and fundamental as education for Dominican society and, above all, in this area where the Plaza Educativa Don Bosco is located. We Salesians dream that this place is the lung and the cultural, educational, recreational and religious heart of this community" he said.

Dr Burgos Gómez, representing the First Lady, Raquel Arbaje, and the President of the Republic, Luis Abinader, highlighted the commendable work of the Salesians in the education of young people and highlighted their continuous example and their leadership as a model for society, both in the past, in the present and, with God's will, in the future.

The ceremony on 5 June marked a significant stage in the cooperation between the Dominican State and the Salesians in the Antilles, reaffirming the commitment of both parties to the educational and social development of the Dominican Republic.