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Hungry - UNG01-12-2003

Project: Pèliföldszentkereszt
Date of foundation: 1913 (first Salesian work in Hungary)
Place: Hungary.
Province: Hungarian Salesian Province of St. Stephen, King - UNG

The work embraces:
Sanctuary (Church) – Youth Centre – Retreat House
The work is for:
young people and adults of all ages
Number of young people/adults benefitting from this service:
around 3000 per year.
Salesians involved:
three Priests and one Brother
Number of lay helpers:
4 began

90 years ago in terms of Salesian history. The place is surrounded by forest and the Gerecse Mountain Range. The Church and the attached cloister were entrusted to the Salesians of Don Bosco in 1913 by the then Archbishop of Esztergom, when the first Salesians arrived from Cavaglià in Italy on 6th November of that same year.

Pèliföldszentkereszt is a peaceful place so suitable for a Salesian work directed to anyone, young or old, who wishes to discover peace in the Lord. It became a vital Centre and theologate for the Salesian up until 1949. In that year, with the advent of the communist period and suppression of religious orders, the institute was closed and came into State ownership; only at the end of 1992 was the property returned to the Salesians.

Pèliföldszentkerezt is now ever more regarded as the cradle of Salesians and the Salesian Family in Hungary.It comprises three great estalishments. The first is the cloister surrounding the Church, the second is the old theologate built in 1932 while the third, the largest, is the residence for young people built in 1943 and used in summer for camps. The total capacity of the three places is around 250 people. An ideal place for any age.

The programmes offered by the Salesians are the various leadership (animation) courses offered now over a period of ten years. To this we need to add the so-called Mini activity for leaders involved with the youngest ones.
Each year there is an altar server’s camp which involves a contest lasting a week where someone wins the ’Dominic Savio’ Cup.
Each for young people 12-16 and then 17 years and older there is an opportunity for a two Retreats, one in Advent and one in Lent both lasting over a Long weekend.
Some of the regular programmes are the retreats for Salesians and members of the Salesian Family especially the Cooperators.

In May and on 14th September, instead, there are two pilgrimages mounted by people from the local region and from other parts of the country. There is also the traditional Gypsies Pilgrimage. At diocesan level further pilgrimages or conferences are organised.

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