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Gatenga - AFC15-06-2003

Gatenga Youth Centre

Project: CENTRE DES JEUNES DE GATENGA (Gatenga Youth Centre)
Date of foundation: 1976
Place: Kigali, Rwanda.
Province: Africa Centrale (AFC)

The Gatenga Youth Centre, founded in 1976, had experienced an exceptional growth in the number of inmates especially after the genocide of 1994. The situation was extremely difficult for young people. The salesians sought various ways to come to their aid. Today, more than 1000 youth gather at the centre every day. The Salesians impart a human, moral, intellectual and professional formation within a typically salesian environment, where Don Bosco's system of education is followed.

The diverse sectors of activity are:
1. Professional Formation – it lasts for three years with four sections - electrical, carpentry and masonry courses for boys, and a secretarial course for girls.

2. The Street Children Project (Abadacogora) was started in 1985. The aim of the project was to gather young boys of the street and offer them a useful alternative. Besides literacy courses, the centre offers the following: poultry farming, agriculture, plumbing, carpentary, masonary and tailoring.

3. Foyer St. Dominico Savio
The Salesians began the orphanage in 1995. The first inmates were the orphans of the war, all of them traumatized. These children attend the elementary School, or a school that teaches them various trades. Today there are more than 140 orphans.

4. Oratory – Every day, hundreds of young people come to the centre to play, to have fun and to take part in the different sporting opportunities offered by the centre, such as acrobatics, gymnastics, theatre, music, etc..

Other activities by the Salesians are a nursery, and pastoral animation of the local parish.

Fr. Danko Litric, a Croatian, heads the community of 3 Salesians and a Salesian cooperator.

Address: Centre des Jeunes de Gatenga,
B.P.468, Kigali - Rwanda
Tel: (+250)
Fax: (+250)
Web site: