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Barcelona, Cruîlla - SBA15-09-2003

Project: CRUÏLLA, which in Spanish means crossroads: a place where many paths meet
Date of foundation: 1984
Place: Barcelona - Spain
Province: Our Lady of Mercy Barcelona (SBA)

Short History

Meridiana city is an outer suburb of the big city of Barcelona. A suburb that came about from immigrants right across Spain in the ‘60’s. A suburb that struggles today to integrate the different cultures in it made up of groups from South America, and from some Central European, African and Asian countries.

The Salesian presence in this district goes back to 1966 when the parish of St. Bernard de Claravall opened, coinciding with the construction of the first apartment blocks.

At the beginning the parish buildings were just huts. Salesian Don Rómulo Piñol (Rector for 16 years), sought to give the parish dignity by building the church and some simple rooms so that for many people of the area the parish became the unifying element. Many from the area helped out in its construction by means of activities like tómbolas, raffles,  excursions...

The mission of the Work.
Another part of the parish in a lower section of the suburb was added to the initial part. Both offered welcome to people, as a response to the many needs resulting from the progressive numbers of people arriving.

The year 1984 saw the number of Salesians increase, and with a good group of young lay teachers they sought to become even more part of the district and to respond to the human and Christian needs presenting themselves, especially in the case of youngsters, adolescents and older youth of Meridiana City. With time, this became a new youth experience that is called CRUÏLLA and that brings together a range of things.

The activities The response in the area of children and youg people of both sexes is marked by three activities, differenciated by age and purpose:

  • PROJECT “ÈXIT” is for work experience for youth from 16 to 18 years, and is carried out in three stages: preliminary structured formation; work specific and practical formation in the workplace with personal followup. In a special manner there is an effort to educate them to habits and to note their interests and abilities. Some 12 young people of both sexes participate in each stage.
  • UEC (Shared Education Union)  dealing with adolescents helping them to adapt to formal education aimed at youngsters between 12-16 years of age. Some 12 young adolescents take part in this activity per year
  • OPEN CENTRE evening programme for youngsters at risk (both sexes) where they are accepted and offered a values education to do with leisure time, extra scholastic help and summer activities. These are divided up into sections from 6-18 years of age. Approximately 60 participants are involved.

The agents
All these activities are carried out by means of a group of specialist and volunteer educators, some 22 in all, animated by the Salesians who work with them and manage the overall planning.

The first of the projects has the support of the EXIT Foundation with economic support and the possibility of relationships with bodies who can help with later insertion into the workforce.

The UEC like the OPEN CENTRE also have assistance from the Cataluna Local Government.

Director of the Work: Two Salesians, one of whom,  Antonio Parrilla, is a Salesiano Brother who oversees direction of all three projects.

Address: Centre CRÜILLA. C/ Pedraforca, 2
08033 Barcelona
Tel: 93. 359 55 76
E-mail: pes.stbernat@salesians.
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