Focus 2004

Poland - PLS15-02-2004

Project: Salesian Movement for the Young  (SALTROM)
Date of foundation: 8.12.1981 (legally registered 27.10.1992)
Place: Krakow -  Poland
Province: San Giacinto (St. Hyacinth) - Krakow (PLS)

For more than 20 years - counting from the very first meetings - the Salesian Movement for the Young has been at work amongst children and the young, for the most part those in environments lacking education or at risk of dependency of various kinds.

To those who come to us we offer different opportunities to develop their interests, and happy, good activities to occupy free time as well as possibilities for study. We take measures to help them establish new contacts, new friendships, and in this way to give them the possibility of knowing themselves better. In moments of crisis we are around to offer support. Our activities help many young people to rediscover the road to their own development, show them the meaning of life and teach them how to live with others by means of commitment to social life.

The association helps a good number of youngsters  who either do not succeed or do not have opportunity to fit into society or who are at risk. Every day around 100 youngsters find a place here to study, or for recreation and also to be fed. This work continues throughout the scholastic year, and also during summer and winter holidays.

The purpose of SALTROM is service to children and young people most in need through preventive action. This service takes different shapes  and aims precisely to begin  and lead to the work of re-socialisation, rehabilitation, education, support and development through artistic activity, and also with special pastoral attention geared to the young. 5 Salesian priests and 7 lay people work at the Centre. They are helped in their work by volunteers (around 100). We need to add that students from the University of Krakow (Pedagogical Academy, Ignatianum, the Jagiellonica) do their pedagogical practicum here.


SALTROM, ul. Różana 5
30-306 Kraków, Polska

Tel: +39.012. 269.30.00
Fax: +39.012. 267.25.26
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