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Project: Salesian Oratory “Don Bosco”
Date of foundation: 8 December 1891
Place: Lima - Perù
Province: Santa Rosa da Lima

The history and reason for our presence in Rimac
Rimac is, actually, the pioneer Salesian work in Perù. In fact, this Oratory was opened on 8th December 1891. 
The Salesians planted their roots in the popular  “rimense” area at san Lazzaro (today it is Rimac district) near the Paseo de Aguas and the traditional “Alamedad De Los Descalzos”.  The Founder of the work was Fr. Riccardi who regularly kept his superiors in touch with  the lowly conditions in which he had begun to work with the poor youngsters of the district.The locale for the Festive Oratory  was obtained from a local Charity property. For the purpose rooms were used as a chapel, for halls, there was also a courtyard, garden etc.

This Oratory was something quite novel.  News of the Oratory - something new for the Rimense district - spread throughout Lima and the enthusiasm with which the youngsters attended the Oratory at weekends had to be seen to be believed.

The oratorians marvelled at the friendliness and simple spirit  of the Salesians who welcomed them and dealt with them. The generosity and large-heartedness of the Cooperators was not lacking. Thanks to their help many games were available in the courtyard.At home the youngsters spoke of their new guides with respect and veneration. 

The number of Oratorians continued to grow. One of the most frequent and enthusiastic of the oratorians was the future priest and later Salesian Bishop, Servant of God Bishop Octavio Ortiz Arrieta.

The work carried out various activities on behalf of the young people of Rimac. In a short time one enterprise was taking in two hundred boys and girls with workshops in: mechanics, electronics, computers, amongst others.

The situation of young people living on the streets or just standing at the doors to their homes was one motivation for opening a “Don Bosco Refuge”, where 30 young people are living with the Salesians.  The Oratory brings in thousands of boys and girls each week and provides them with messages of  Christian life and information on Don Bosco.

The Oratory has been a place of spiritual growth for thousands of young people. As a sign of recognition for the Salesians a Temple dedicated to Don Bosco has been built.

Here in a poor district the can speak of God rather than of wealth. The best part has been given for God. Thanks to the help of many institutions we have been able to educate by evangelising and evangelise by educating. This Salesian presence has flourished thanks tot he help of thousands of committed lay people.

Purposes of the work. Born from a need to form young people :To serve those most needy and in conditions of abandonment:To educate and evangelise according to the style of Don Bosco.

Those for whom it exists
Any one who comes down from Cerro (Mount) San Cristobal: adults, men and women, and children.The youngsters range from 10 to 25 years of age.Adolescents partly or totally abandoned. These live in “Casita Don Bosco”.

Number benefitting from the services offered: One thousand weekly
A thousand come to the Don Bosco Temple for Sunday Mass:Services offeredOratory with catechism classes and liturgy (Holy Mass).A roof for thirty boys (depends on the Salesians and the generosity of the people)A technical formation centre. Twelve workshops available for short-term technical courses. These courses aim at helping the young people to earn their daily bread. Guided study for young people who would otherwise not know where to study or do their homework..A library. TheatreCinemaSport in the courtyardsMusical band.A temple dedicated to Don Bosco.


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