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Valencia - SVA15-10-2004

Project: Commissione di Marginalizzazione - Cooperazione Don Bosco (CM-DBC)
Date of foundation: 1958
Place: Valencia (Spain)
Province: Salesian Province of St. Joseph (SVA)

Salesian Province of St. Joseph, with its centre in Valencia (Spain), inaugurated 25th September 1958 when the old Province of Tarragon was split to produce the new provinces of Valencia and Barcellona. 167 Salesians in all of whom 124 are priests and 28 Salesian brothers. 16 Houses around Valencia, Aragona, Murcia and Albacete make up the province. These include colleges, trade schools, parishes, youth centres and associations, places for youngsters in difficulty, university formation, informal education. A large number of laity are at work in all our centres: teachers, trades directors, group leaders, etc.

The Salesian Family is well represented in the places covered by the province, through the various works of the Salesian Sisters, groups of Salesian Cooperators and Salesian Past Pupils.

Schools are well-developed in the province as a response to the needs of young people, society and church. In the Valencia province we believe that the school is a privileged cultural means of education and one of the most important ways of human development and of preventing people from being excluded from society. Our schools are efficient, well qualified, inspired by Gospel values and Salesian spirit, and conscious of their social character and popular appeal.

Salesian Missions: Since the beginnings of the province, 63 Salesians have been sent to the Missions and many have remained there till death; others have returned. Today there are 23 in various Third World mission territories. Project Africa, begun 1981, was the greatest gesture of human and economic solidarity for us, especially in Mali. Thirteen Salesians from the province went there. Others went to other continents and still others have gone to help with summer programmes in Mali.

Youth Centres and associations: The development and growth of Don Bosco’s work have not altered the inspiring principles nor the characteristic elements of the Salesian Youth Centre, direct descendent of what was known as the Festive Oratory. In the Valencia province these centres are organised to be open to all and have a wide range of things to offer, especially encouraging the initiative of the young people themselves, so that young people can educate other young people. Today there are 15 such centres and confederations of youth associations.

The CM-DBC (Commissione di Marginalizzazione - Cooperazione Don Bosco) or Don Bosco Commission for Cooperation and the Underprivileged, is intended to include the entire gamut of Salesian response to needs and to direct the development of services provided, of projects and works of those working for a just society. This work for young needy children aims to harness forces. Education for young people at risk demands a network within the provincial Salesian Family, made up of organisations and groups involved in social work and work for the underprivileged. It assists all the works to avoid deviating from the criteria which are clear from the CM-DBC title.

Various areas of intervention are drug-dependency, immigration, prisons and abandoned youth.


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