Focus 2004

Deodurga - INK15-11-2004

Project: North Karnataka Mission
Date of foundation: 1996
Place: Karnataka – Deodurga, Yadgir, Gulbarga
Province: Salesian Province of Bangalore – INK

The North Karnataka Mission reaches out to the two districts of the Northern Karnataka region namely, Raichur and Gulbarga. The project aims at total development of the whole area through pastoral interventions, educational programmes, social development, youth animation and interventions for youth at risk.

The beneficiaries of the interventions in these areas are the scheduled caste groups, nomadic groups, aborigines, and those socially and economically vulnerable sections. Our programmes reach to the general community, with special focus on youth and children.

To foster further development in the villages, the mission is working with women groups. They are organized as self help groups. To promote education supplementary education for the school going children has been taken up. The government system of education is inadequate and therefore the educational opportunities that the project provides through evening tuition and study facilities help in the promotion of education. Other development needs such as housing, sanitation, providing health facilities etc are taken up under the mission.

The mission is for the entire taluks of Deodurga and Yadgir. At present there are 8 substations with about 40 catholic families in these villages. There are reach out program s in many other villages. As of now there is no parish church or presbytery. There are village chapels in three villages already. The other villages need a place of prayer and gathering.

The animation of the youth of the Bellary Diocese is entrusted to the Salesians. And this covers the four districts of Bellary, Koppal, Gulbarga and Raichur. The animation is now organized from Raichur in collaboration with all the parishes and also the institutions of the diocese.

Name & address of the Institute:
Don Bosco
Sahaya Mathe Church
Deodurga, Raichur – 584 111

At Deodurga, a primary school has been started with the intention of upgrading the same to high school eventually. The children from all the 182 villages of the Deodurga taluk can benefit from this school. We aim at the total development of the region through the few we will be able to educate from the villages.

Hostel facility is provided for the children from the villages so that they can have access to good education in our school. At present, all the 70 inmates stay in the same hall. What is planned is to have at least 100 boys and 100 girls in separate hostels so that they could be taken care of.

The area is generally dry and rain dependent for agriculture which is the main activity of the people. A project to provide bore wells to the families has been taken so that they could have water and lead to cultivation. Many families migrate from the place for lack of water and being unable to use their agricultural lands. At present, 12 bore wells have been sunk and people have been supplied with pump sets. We also promote other income generation activities such as animal husbandry, poultry farms etc.

Needs of the Institute:

- School Building
- Parish Church
- Village chapels in the missions
- Boarding for boys
- Boarding for girls
- Residence for sisters
- Mobile clinic

Address: Don Bosco Provincial House,
P.B. No. 551, Milton Street,
Bangalore - 560 005, India
Web site: