Focus 2004

Romania - INE01-12-2004

Project: Romania Mission
Date of foundation: 1996
Place: Constanza, Bacau
Province: Salesian Province of Veneto– INE

The Salesians have been in Romania, beginning from 1996, at Costanza, on the Black Sea: there they run an Oratory which, over time, has become bigger and stronger. Some groups are connected with the basic Oratory operation: “Friends of Dominic Savio”, interest groups of various kinds (dance, clowning, football), short courses in Electricity and Information Technology, and a school for basic literacy.

The needs of the area are so huge that the Salesians have taken the situation of numerous young people to heart, living as they do down manholes – they are also called ‘street kids’. They are abandoned young people, many chased away from their families marked by poverty and alcoholism. They are easy prey to violence. The only horizons these children have are the streets, the package of ‘glue’ that they sniff to quieten their hunger pangs and the cold….In Costanza every day these youngsters have now found a house and a family to welcome them, to give them something to eat and to clothe them, a place to wash and to sleep, and which places a clinic at their disposal but above all people who know how to make them feel welcome, to meet with them, to love them. The Salesians have built two houses for them, one for boys and the other for the girls, workshops for learning a trade. Many of these youngsters have taken up schooling again; thanks to two special 'recovery' courses and to admission tests they can cover two years of schoolwork in one and take up normal classes with other youngsters their own age. Over the course of these last years Romania has made some progress, but 'Salesian Romania' has made even more: it has given and continues to give still, hope to these youngsters who had lost hope.

But the story does not stop there. In 2000, a second work was begun, at Bacau (in the N.E. of the country). There too the Salesians have begun with a basic Oratory, human and Christian development by means of groups like "Friends of Dominic Savio", and with sport, games, theatre, music, dance, clowns. The young people are organised in conjunction with some parishes from neighbouring towns, sharing together during the day their music, colour and games in the midst of so much poverty. This year, they have added to the Oratory a new hall used for theatre and as a multipurpose venue. This has enabled them to free up the hall on the earlier site for Info Technology courses both basic and advanced. As well they have a small publishing concern.

One can note too that spiritual commitment in the two communities is bearing fruit: 2 Salesians, 2 prenovices, 1 postnovice and 2 novices Fr Adrian Bregolin, Vicar of the Rector Major, opened the two works on 26th June last. Shortly afterwards there was the ordination of Fr Alois Farcas. Now we are helping 6-7 young people this year begin their journey towards Salesian life.

Address: Centru Ricreativ Cultural Pentru Tineret Don Bosco
Str. Tazlaului,9
5500 Bacau
Tel: 0040 234 582330
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