Focus 2004

Taiwan - CIN15-12-2004

Project: Salesian Professional College
Date of foundation: 1963
Place: Tainan, Taiwan
Province: CIN

Brief History:
In 1949, the Nationalist Army headed by the General Chiang Kai-shek made a tactical retreat from mainland China to the island of Taiwan across the strait after being defeated by the People’s Liberation Army of the Communist Party headed by Chairman Mao Zedong. Together with them, they brought all their families, wealth and broken hopes of building a strong Chinese republic.

A lot of religious congregations whose works were flourishing obviously followed the great exodus. Most of them thought that their stay in this small island would be temporary. However, history would prove, otherwise. Their hopes have been fulfilled, in many ways, beyond their imagination.

The Salesians too, after being driven out of Mainland China, began to look for others places of youth apostolate. And so in 1963 they arrived in Taiwan City, the oldest southern city of Taiwan. In 1964, with the blessing of the first local bishop, Bishop Stanislaus Lokuang, and under the leadership of Fr. John Ma Yeong-ding, they started to build a Junior Middle School. Their courage and pioneering spirit led them to develop a Senior Middle School the following year. It later evolved into the current Technical High School. Shortly after this, 3 parishes were entrusted to the care of the Salesians. They then spread north to open St. John Bosco parish in the middle of the bustling Taipei City. In 1980, they also moved to the south where they took over the Boys’ Town in Chaochou, Pingtung County from the hands of the late Fr. Justin McCabe, M.M.

The Technical School:
At present, the Salesian Technical School is a co-ed institute with around 1600 students. Eight Salesians are fully involved in this project. It offers many different courses, some of which are Computer Science, Data Processing, Auto Mechanics, Electronics, Electrical, as well as the recently opened Comprehensive High School Department, Continuing Education Classes (evening high school classes), and Vocational Technical Classes.

With the arrival of new missionaries from Europe and neighboring Asian countries, the youth animation and apostolate was once again rejuvenated. Salesians were seen in the midst of the action. Today it is normal to see Salesians interacting with the students during their breaks between classes, as well as in the football field or basketball courts after class. They play with them or just cheer them from the sidelines.

The Technical School caters mainly to underprivileged students. These are high school students who received very low marks in their previous schools. And since chances of finding a school of their choice can be very slim due to the high demands on student performance, the Salesian school is a real answer to their needs. The school gives them a new hope of finding a school that understands them and offers quality education at the same time. The school equips them with the latest knowledge in this technologically advanced society. Aside from their academic and technical training, they are also exposed to ethical values. Christian values are offered to those who wish to know more, and these classes are well attended despite the fact that the majority are non-Christians. What is perhaps the best achievement of the learner is the final outcome: the young person upon graduating leaves with an adequate amount of self-confidence and courage to face an extremely competitive world.

Address: Salesian Professional College,
801 Yu Nung Road,
70108 Tainan
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