Focus 2005

Congo R. D. - AFC15-03-2005

Project: La Colombe
Date of foundation: 1986
Place: Lubumbashi, Democratic Republic of Congo
Province: AFC

“La Colomba” Centre: The symbolic name refers to the Flood (Gen. 7-8). The dove in this biblical story is the messenger of a new world amidst destruction and disarray. The “La Colomba” Centre aims at being a messenger of good news, a sign of hope in a world full of suffering and injustice.

Aim of “La Colomba” Centre
“La Columba” Centre offers a catechetical and audiovisual service. In other words, one angle is the production of educational, social and religious programmes.And on the other hand, it offers catechetical and biblical formation.

Those who benefit
The young
Those in charge of movements and youth groups in parishes
The young people and adults involved in ministry to the young
Schools and Formation centres

- Publications: Magazines: “Don Bosco Africa”, “La Colomba”, “Sources”
- A video store with films, documentaries available for purchase, guaranteeing educational value of these items.
- Clientele: Religious communities, parishes, movements, schools
- A library with books, magazines on social communication, catechetics, liurgy, ministry for private use and available to schools, parishes and students

A discotheque for internal use
Audiovisual materials
4 TV programmes produced

Young people under the heavenly vault (45 minutes)
« Young People under the heavenly vault » is a programme distributed each fortnight ( Tuesdays) alternating with ‘Science and Coonscience’ on official TV channel RTNC. This programme in French is especially recognised by young people at school aged 14-18 and is presented by young people themselves. The aim is to transmit a message which brings both education and catechetics together.

Jamaa yetu (30 minutes)
“ Jamaa Yetu “ is a Swahili TV series, aimed at parents. The idea came from “La Colomba” and is broadcast on RTNC on Wednesday each fortnight after the 8 o’clock evening news

Science and Conscience (45 minutes)
A production aiming at reaching the intellectual and university world in Lubumbashi, in collaboration with students and lecturers at the University of Lubumbashi

The Word on Sundays (30 minutes)
A Catholic Church broadcast challenging Christians in Lubumbashi. An invitation to understand the Word of God through each Sunday’s readings
Priests, religious and laity of the diocese take part

Finally, these broadcasts are for all evangelisers in education and for all educators who are evangelisers. By means of the broadcasts we try to accompany parents with advice, example, taking part in the joys and difficulties of others, and calmly walking with them in the art of educating their children

Catechetical publications
Learning to read the Bible
Discovering the Old Covenant
Palestine in Jesus’ time
The Apocalypse in the New Testament

155 key titles

Address: Centro La Colombe
Procura Don Bosco, B.P.20
1656, Av. Mama Yemo,
Lubumbashi, Rep. Dem. del Congo
Tel: (243) 081 406 97 67 (Direzione)
Web site: