Focus 2005

Mexico - MEG15-05-2005

Project: Opera Salesiana di Città Juárez “Sviluppo Giovanile del Nord”
Date of foundation: August 1991
Place: La Frontiera Nord di Messico
Province: MEG (México, Guadalajara)

In 1991 the Salesians were present in Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua (Mexican frontier state bordering Texas, USA), providing a development service through the diocesan "Pascua Juvenil".

With the support of the civil association "Desarrollo Juvenil del Norte, A.C.", the Salesian house provides its educational and pastoral services in three Oratories located on the ourskirts of the city: the Don Bosco Oratory (1991), the Dominic Savio Oratory (1993) and the Our Lady of Guadalupe Oratory (1994).
From its beginnings the Obra Salesiana, has been supported by a very committed lay committee and a good group of benefactors. In addition the Salesian community lives and works with a group of permanent volunteers and others who help during the summer.
To respond to the most pressing needs of those they are trying to help, there are different integrated formation programmes for the children, youngsters and adults:
1. Educational Programme: Montessori, Nursery and Primary schools for those who cannot attend the ordinary schools; 10-14 Programme open to young people and adults following the INEA system, and a public library service.
2. Cultural and recreational Programme: football leagues, basketball and five-a-side soccer; musical and drama activities, aerobics, modern jazz, gymnastics, dancing, festivals, handicrafts, etc. In summer there is the opportunity for “Happy Holidays with Jesus,” and a final camp in the Chihuahua hills.
3. Health Education Programme: medical and dental provision, education on drinking water conservation and distribution, healthy diets, medical and health care teams, AMSIF (Asociación Mexicana para la Superación Integral de la Familia).
4. Programme of training in values and education in the faith: infant and pre-sacramental catechesis with the help of fathers of families, adult catechesis, preparation of youngsters for confirmation, liturgical and sacramental celebrations, popular religious practices, youth groups.
5. Programmes of work preparation: computerstudies, tailoring and dress-making, silk-screen printing, car mechanics.
The various programmes and activities, the group formation, spiritual and cultural provision have made these oratories real centres for human development, brought families together and helped evangelise the area..

- Purpose of the Work: through various services and programmes to offer the opportunity for human development, all-round education and evangelisation to meet the real needs of the young and the families in the surrounding area..
- Those for whom it is intended: Children, teenagers, youngsters and adults in the local area.
- The number of young people and adults using the facilities of the Work: about 3000
- Name of the Rector: Fr. Javier Prieto Mediana, SDB.
- Number of Salesians involved in the Work: Four.
- Number of Lay collaborators: About 150.


Ignacio de la Peña 650, Col. Centro,
Ciudad Juárez,
Chihuahua, México

Tel: 6566.150.592
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