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Brasil - BRE01-08-2005

Project: Salesian Province of North East Brasil - BRE
Date of foundation: 20/01/1902
Place: Recife - PE- Brazil
Province: North East Brasil - BRE

The Salesian Province of North East Brasil (religious and civil association, educational, social work) carries out a 100% free social assistance program in the following States: a) Ceará - Fortalezza and Juazeiro in the North; b) Rio Grande North - Areia Branca and Natale-Gramoré; c) Pernambuco - Recife, Jaboatão dei Guararapes, Abreu and Lima and Carpina; d) Alagoas - Matriz di Camaragibe; e) Sergipe - Aracaju; f) Bahia - Salvador.
They total 11 social work operations with an educational approach, technical education, social, psychological and educational assistance, mainly for young children, adolescents, older youth and families in situations of poverty, and at risk personally and socially. In a context like this, the province is aiming at human and social development of children, adolescents, older youth and their families living in situations of social exclusion. They have developed a programme which responds directly to a need for technical education and holistic formation, to assist in personal development, and guaranteeing, through formational and socialising activities, a gradual preparation for citizenship and a consequent change in quality of life.
These social projects envisage an educational and inclusive view of things, focused on family, and not just through a single approach; it is based on legal structures which are at the basis of public policy in helping children and adolescents; on Don Bosco’s Preventive System; on educational theory which focuses on the person being educated, as a member of a family and a social context.

MISSION - Fostering education which evangelises and the human development of children, adolescents, older youth and their families who find themselves in situations of social exclusion, and who are residents of North East Brasil. This is achieved through a process of education focused on freedom, and which identifies with and is committed to a pedagogy of presence, based on preventiveness, self-esteem and social integration.

ACTIVITIES: Kindergarten, Youth Centres, Oratories, help for adolescents in trouble with the Law, work-introduction courses, technical courses, basic education, normal schooling, University preparation, Community schooling.

INTENDED FOR: In 2004 11,072 young people benefitted.


Rua Estado de Israel,
386, Ilha do Leite - 50.070-420
Recife - PE

Tel: (81) 21020800
Fax: (81) 21020850
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