Focus 2005

Kenya - AFE15-10-2005

Project: Bosco Boys
Date of foundation: 1990
Place: Nairobi
Province: Africa Est (AFE)

Bosco Boys began in 1990 as a “weekend contact” with street children.
Today this simple beginning is a full-fledged 24 hours total commitment to over 400 boys and girls.

In 1995, His Holiness, Pope John Paul II blessed the foundation stone of the structure that is now the hub of a variety of projects on behalf of needy youth. It essentially consists of 3 centres:

Bosco Boys- Langata. This is the reception center which houses about 35 boys.
Bosco Boys-Kariua. This is the first center which was in existence from 1990. It houses 38 boys who attend primary schools at Parklands and Murang’a Road
Bosco Boys-Kuwinda. This is the main center from where about 130 children from the neighbouring slums are given an informal primary education.

Besides these centers, many adolescents are undergoing technical training or are receiving secondary education in the various schools around the country. Two nursery schools are also organized in the slums of Kariua and Kuwinda. For young adults, a greater thrust towards self-reliance is pursued through a well equipped carpentry, a welding workshop, a tailoring section, screen printing and motor vehicle mechanic units and most recently, a poultry unit which is income generating through the sale of eggs and meat.

The aim that underlines all this activity on behalf of children and youth-at-risk is to develop in them a confidence that will enhance their self-esteem and promote the skills they need to be productive and well-adjusted individuals in society.

Address: Director, Bosco Boys,
P.O. Box 27754, 00506 - Nairobi
Tel: (020) 890510/1
Fax: (020) 890347
Web site: