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Don Bosco in Egypt - MOR01-06-2006

Project: Don Bosco Technical Institute
Date of foundation: 1896
Place: Alessandria, Egypt
Province: Middle East (MOR)

Don Bosco "Father and Teacher of the young", received the first invitation to send his sons to Egypt from Fr Comboni, a guest of his in Turin Valdocco, on 4 December 1864. The invitation was repeated by Comboni in a letter of 3 July 1870, but he was unable to accept it at that time.

Don Bosco, unable to respond to Comboni's wish, did not, however, forget “Project Africa”.
On 26 May 1886, speaking to the members of the then Superior Chapter, he said: - If I was young, I would take Don Rua and say to him: "Let's go to the Cape of Good Hope… to Khartum, to Cairo".
That same year the Count of Robilant, Italy's Minister for Foreign Affairs, put the idea to Don Bosco of opening a school in Cairo, but the plan was not carried out.

The following year he was also approached by the Vatican to open a school in Alexandria (letter from Card. Simeoni 26 February 1887)

Don Bosco however died on 31 January 1888 without seeing this idea come to fruition.
The dream of Don Bosco was brought into being by Don Rua in 1896 with the foundation of the Salesian community in Alexandria.
Returning from Palestine (1895), Don Rua, first successor of Don Bosco, stopped by in Alexandria and, taking up the question put by the Vicar Apostolic, Mons. Guido Corbelli O.F.M., decided to open a technical school.
In the first scholastic year there were 65 boarders and day students divided into 5 workshops: tailoring, shoemaking, book-binding, carpentry and metalwork.

The Don Bosco church built in 1937 was the first church in the world dedicated to Don Bosco after his canonisation.
The Institute developed and continued to do so, keeping up with scientific and technological development gaining a reputation that sets it apart amongst all the other technical schools in Alexandria.
In 1966 the section for technical preparatory education closed, but in 1970 the school gained legal recognition from the Egyptian Government and in 1973 this took over from what was there previously.
In 1973 the new entity was legally recognised, and in 2004 gained full recognition.
In the past two years the school has been in negotiations with the Arab Accademy for Science and technology to set up cooperation between the two institutes.

Education takes place
- In early primary education (kindergarten and primary)
- In the primary school proper ( Upper primary)
- In the technical school (IPIA)
- In the Oratory - youth centre and Don Bosco Group
- In the Centre for Technical Formation In short courses

Address: Istituto Don Bosco
Sherif Street, 99,
21111, Alexandria
Tel: (+20) 3-3929108, (+20) 3-3927593
Web site: