Focus 2006

EURIZON 2006 - SLK01-08-2006

Project: International encounter of Salesian youth
Date: 23rd - 29th July 2006
Place: Bratislava, Salesian House at Mamateyova
Province: Slovacchia (SLK)

Participants: 130 young people from 17 - 26 years of age from 10 European nations: Belgium, Croatia, Hungary, Malta, Poland, Austria, Slovakia, Slovenia, Great Britain, The Ukraine
Language of communication: English
The theme for the gathering: Feel the power of S(alesian)TEAM

The aim of the youth encounter was to educate young people to be active participants in life, including political life, at the local and European level with special focus on working as a team. Each day had its own special theme corresponding to the larger theme. Young people came to know each other better this way, through communication and building new relationships.

A number of guests took part in the opening sessions: Fr Albert Van Hecke, regional councillor for the North Europe Region, Fr Dominic Sequeira, member of Youth Ministry Department, Fr Stefan Turansky, Provincial in Slovakia, Mr Jan Figel, European commissioner in Slovakia for Education, Culture and Sport. Each of the guests offered some good thought and their best wishes on the part of all the Salesians they represented, and from the European Commission.

A large number of the activities at the youth encounter had the following objective: the group and cooperation in youth groups. Each morning before the midday meal international groupings on specific themes were organised. Then there were sports activities, workshops, city adventure, concerts, discussions, cultural events of varying kinds, outings and many other activities. Young people prayed together, and took part in Eucharists in which the various nations were able to present themsleves through leading the prayers.

International contacts between the participants and awareness of the different cultures were a particularly enriching aspect of the event. Participants also had an opportunity to experience team work through the different activities carried out over their time together: Preparing a news bulletin on the Encounter, preparing some small theatre activities, the group international music group for EURIZON 2006, group sports, and other external activities focused on group work...
Each evening there was free time to spend in the meeting hall (bar) where they could discuss, amuse themselves and get to know one another.

Participants were also able to get to know a little more of the culture and life in Slovakia through outings around Bratislava and via discussion with local people.

Organisers: DOMKA - Salesian Youth Association in Slovakia and Salesians of Don Bosco from the Slovak Province

Address: DOMKA - Združenie saleziánskej mládeže
Mileticova 7
821 08 Bratislava
Web site: