Focus 2006

Argentina, Rodeo del medio - ARN15-09-2006

Project: Rodeo del Medio
Date of foundation: 1901
Place: Argentina Córdoba
Province: ACO

Objective: Evangelisation, Education Technical specialisation and social advancement
Those to whom it is directed (type of student, etc)
1. Youth from the rural sector, middle and upper middle class, local and international students (school, faculty) youth and adults lacking means and internal immigrants (from Argentina) and those from outside (Bolivian) (technical education)
2. Population is poor rural or some middle class, immigrants from Bolivia and other Argentinina regions (parish)

Number of youngsters/people benefitting from these services:
The school sector has more than 1000 pupils regularly however there is more movement when it comes to offering courses, conferences, congresses, symposiums, tourism (enology), etc.
The potential population of the parish is 40,774 (according to the official 2002 census) with a projection for 2005 of 43,603 inhabitants.

Name of Director Fr Alejandro Musolino Sdb
No. of Salesians working there: five Salesians (Priests)
No. of lay helpers: 150 lay people including those in charge, teachers, other employees, parish workers

Address: Strada Provinciale 50 Nº 6722 CP 5529.
Rodeo del Medio -Mendoza.
Tel: 0631-4951120/4951084.
Web site: