Focus 2007

Mato Grosso - Oratory - BMA01-05-2007

Project: D. Bosco Oratory in Rondonópolis Mato Grosso - Brasil
Date of foundation: 1998
Place: Rondonópolis Mato Grosso - Brasil
Province: Mato Grosso BMA


Around 800 young people took part on 15th April in the first regional meeting of Oratories. They came together at the Filhos de D. Bosco Oratory in Rondonópolis (Matto Grosso) coming from Poxoréo (Oratory/Youth Centre), Coxipó (St Anthony's Oratory), Alto Araguaia (Our Lady of the Apparition Oratory), Primavera do Leste (Don Bosco Youth Centre) e Rondonópolis (Filhos de D. Bosco Oratory). All belong to the Campo Grande (Mato Grosso - Brasile) Province.

Around 8:00 am they began arriving at Rondonópolis in their different groups and were met with much music and joy. The gathering's coordinator, young Salesian Brother Antonio Wardison, put up the programme prepared by an group from the oratory and by other volunteers from Rondonópolis: reflection, prayer, fun times, and fraternal moments.
"A magic moment where, teens can reflect, pray, have fun and experience fraternity", the Salesian said.

FATIH AND PRAYER - Towards 9:30 a general coming together: each group leader presented him or herself and spoke of expectations. Brother Wardison welcomed them and they began with a prayer and a reflectioin with songs led by Salesian Deacon Ângelo Senerino from Coxipó-MT.
There was a fine moment of faith when they recognised Don Bosco's words on the happiness to be found in being together and being with the young. Bother Lauri Dornelles from Alto Araguaia-MT, shared a few brief words on how pleased he was to see them all together so happily: "We are really happy to represent our community and we hope by the end of the gathering, when we go home, that we can reflect further on what Don Bosco our father and founder has said".
After the prayer, there was a special morning tea then sports activities: football, volleyball, open games ("poison ball" and others), a gymkhana, dancing, etc.

LUNCH - Once it was time to eat, everyone got in line in oratory groups, and were well fed with plenty of natural orange juice to wash it all down with.

Fr Danilo, the Rector of the Filhos di D. Bosco Oratory, spoke about the work done with the most needy, by this Oratory. "Every month we try to celebrate an event, a feast, something to attract them to come; that way the poor can eat something with usi. However, what's important is the active participation in the Oratory itself. We don't want them to come just to get something to eat. They all have to take part in some activity. We want them all to feel at home, just like they feel at home in their own homes. Once again a meeting like this one, helps us see Salesian vitality and teh desire we have to realise a dream: that every young person can be active in having a better life", Fr Danilo added.