Focus 2007

Saltillo - MEG15-09-2007

Date of foundation: 1949
Place:  Saltillo Mèxico
Province: MEG

In 1949 the Salesians came to Saltillo (Coahuila State) With the support of an illustrious benefactor Mr Isidro Lòpez Zertuche, who started his efforts after visiting the Superiors of the Congregation in Turin. He encouraged the opening of a Salesian community in Santilla which would provide a school for the children of local workers.
On 31st January 1953 Mr. Isidro Lòpez Zertuche celebrated the opening of Collegio Mèxico (Mexico College), which was visited in 1957 by Don Bosco's Fourth Successor, Fr Renato Ziggiotti.
Mèxico College currently offers 6 years of elementary education, 3 further years of secondary plus 2 final senior years.
From January 2007 the old Technical School which was part of Mèxico College took up a separate new location covering 10 hectares, a gift from the Coahuila State Government, and the new Don Bosco Tech- INTEC DON BOSCO, has been built there with:

1. Technical Degree Course, 3 years of study, in technical specialisations needed for industry: executive assistant, electrical plants, electronics, metal construction, auto-electronics and machine tools.

2. Salesian Youth Centre
General purpose: “Act in order to prevent” and combat school dropout, children at risk of social exclusion as experienced by many in that area. The aim is to integrate education, evangelisation and catechesis, along with preventive activities to foster study and work. These involve accompaniment programs, bringing youngsters back into the scholastic mainstream, offering technical courses, and involving them in society:

1) Free time activities, phys. ed. athletics and sport:
(football, basketball, volleyball, table tennis, billiards, chess, etc.)
2) Guidance of a Salesian, technical, scholastic and social nature.
3) Helping youth leadership in order to strengthen and develop religious and social values, and attitudes, to support them in being pro-active.
4) Offerings especially for the final years, such as maths olympiads, physical activities involving them in “learning from experience”, research groups in artifical intelligence and robotics, particle physics. The aim is to develop technical specifications sought by industry further technical studies or university.
5) Volunteer activity, missions, social service and apostolate which final year students ctake up to help the poor, marginalised or abandoned.
6) Natural resources 'city', in an ecological setting, looking to sustainable development and biotech activities..

Number of those who benefit from this work:
A) In Mèxico College, 760 students
- Technical degree, 615 students
- Salesian Youth Centre (still to be developed fully) 252 young people in groups who help out in the hill areas and camps with various programmes.

Rector: Fr Alfredo Rocha Vega,
Salesians generally: Seven (3 Brothers 4 Priests).
Lay staff: around 160

  Colegio Mèxico
Calle Presidente Càrdenas 251,
Zona Centro, Apartado Postal 409
Saltillo, Coahuila, Mèxico
Tel: (52)(844) 412.3639 e (52)(844) 412 3289
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