Focus 2008

SMEA - BPA01-05-2008

Project: São Manoel Educação e Assistência
Date: From 1957
Place: Porto Alegre, Brazil
Province: BPA (Brazil - Porto Alegre)

Porto Alegre Province:

The Salesian work São Manoel (St Manuael) in Porto Alegre has just completed 50 years since its foundation (1957-2007). At the beginning the Salesians accetped the Parish of São Manoel. Then they opened a College. Once the College, was set up it became part of the Salesian social work network in the  Pius X Salesian Province of Porto Alegre, Brazil, using the initials SMEA: São Manoel Educação e Assistência. It now carries out the following Programmes in 2008:

Program 01 - Professional (technical) education for children and older youth, with courses in information technology and administrative services.

Program 02 - Interest groups for children and older youth with cultural activities (Dance), Sport (Footballl, Volleyball, Basketball, Board Games...), Leisure time and music (learning violin, guitar, double bass and percussion).

Program 03 - Christian living groups for children and older youth - In accord with the established principles of the Salesian Youth Movement fro the Northern Region - there is a “Youth Group, which meets weekly to experience Salesian Youth Spirituality, where there is also opportunity for “Catechesis of Christian Initiation”, following the guidelines of the São Manoel Parish.

Program 04 - Solidarity network for education to citizenship for older youth and adults - The SMEA offerrs meeting space for the use of the following groups or organisations:

  • NA - Narcotics Anonymous
  • NAR-ANON - Family Groups (NAR-ANON) of Brazil
  • X-FRÁGIL - Brazilian foundation for Downs Syndrome (Fragile-X)
  • FENEIS - National Federation for Integration of the Deaf
  • IPPAD - Institute for Prevention and Research into Alcohol and other dependencies
Program 05 - Social room for children, older youth, adults - The physical structures of SMEA are used, especially on Saturdays and Sundays, by various groups looking for a place where they can carry out activities aimed at spiritual growth or social development.
Address: Rua Dona Laurea, 1020
Porto Alegre
Rio Grande del Sud