Focus 2008

Lorena - BSP15-07-2008

Project: The Oratory of Lorena
Date: From 1890
Place: Lorena, Brasile
Province: BSP


Salesians have been active in the Vale do Paraíba since 1890, some 118 years. It began with the Oratory of St Aloysius annexed to St James' College.
As time passed, and following Don Bosco, our Father and Founder, the Oratory became a home that welcomed, a parish that evangelised, a school that prepared for life, and a playground where friends could happily meet.

Over the years this Oratory has seen: tailoring shops, book-binding, printing press, agricultural school and a scouting movement. It was always the young who benefited, the poorest of the city and region.


These days we define the Oratory as a new movement called PROVIM - Salesian Project for a Better Life. It marks out the social activity of the Salesians in this city, Lorena, comprising three elements: the Oratory of St Aloysius, the Oratory called Padre Rodolfo Komorek in Vila Passos and the St Dominic Savio Oratory in the CECAP district.

Some 554 children, adolescents and older youth attend, all of them 'at risk'. Our aim is to foster their participation in learning, free time, culture, religious activity, seeking a holistic education for them. The local district and educators are involved in the activity.

We apply the same educational approach as did Don Bosco - the Preventive System - fostering dialogue, religion, friendship and warm relationships between educators and those being educated.

Don Bosco's charism offers the youngsters values for life: happiness, friendship, truth, involvement, good reading, good conversation, loyalty, obedience, work, moral criteria, struggle against vice, a spiritual program of life.

There are various activities like computer, singing, dance, design, art, maths and reading, a vegetable garden, nursery, football, walks, feast days, a library....
With a view to mobilising society to be part of this we have programmes inviting them to be part of Provim, and we would like you to take a look at our site. This way you will come to know more of PROVIM, its activities and its needs.

This way I am sure you will come to discover how to do good, serve your neighbour and cooperate in making humankind better!

Address: Instituto Filosófico Salesiano
Rua Dom Bosco, 160 C.P. 103
12600-000 Lorena - SP
Tel: (012) 3122-1566
Fax: (012) 3152.2283