Focus 2008

WYD2008 - AUL01-08-2008

Project: Salesian events, World Youth Day 2008
Date: July 11-20, 2008
Place: Melbourne and Sydney
Province: AUL, with representation from provinces all over the world

WYD2008 Sydney

World Youth Day consists of a series of catechesis sessions, youth festivals, and prayer opportunities, which culminate in an outdoor Mass with the Pope. Before the WYD programme in Sydney there were "Days in the Dioceses" programmes in various dioceses throughout Australia. Of particular interest was the 'Days in the Diocese' event in Melbourne, part of which included a special Salesian event.

Salesian World Youth Day Events

There were two significant Salesian World Youth Day events, each with a separate programme of activities, celebrations and prayer:

one in Melbourne as part of the Melbourne Days in the Diocese prior to World Youth Day: Friday 11 July 2008 at Salesian College Chadstone. The day was combined with with other Melbourne Days in the Diocese (DID08) activities.  It was a day of Salesian festivity, prayer, cultural activities and joyful celebrations of the Salesian youth spirituality in action.  Special guests at the day were Salesian Cardinal Oscar Rodriguez of Tegucigalpa, Honduras, the Rector Major Fr Pasqual Chavez, Salesian Bishop Tim Costelloe of Melbourne and young Salesians from around the world.

one in Sydney as part of the World Youth Day programme: Wednesday 16 July.  This was another day of joyful, youth oriented and faith-filled activities.  It was held in St John Bosco Parish Engadine Sydney.  The Rector Major Fr Pasqual Chavez attending this event as well.
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