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IniciativAngola - SLO15-10-2008

Project: IniciativAngola (Angola Initiative)
Date: From 1998 (1996)
Place: Št. Primož / St. Primus (Carinzia, Austria)
Province: SLO

The beginnings

Confreres from the Št. Primož Salesian Community are engaged simply in running parishes for ethnic Slovenians in Carinzia in southern Austria. They also teach religion in bilingual secondary schools in Celovec / Klagenfurt.
Salesian Hanzej M. Rosenzopf began to bring young people together in the parishes. In 1996 he invited Sister Zvonka Mikec FMA, a missionary in Angola to explain to the young people her mission amongst young Angolans at the height of the war. The young people in Carinzia decided to help out in their own way: by organising Bingo for the missions, a bazar, seminars and meetings, social activities to collect money and material to support the FMA mission schools in Cacuaco and Benguela in Angola.

Anniversary of the beginnings of the volunteer activity in Angola

By the end of the first year, there was already a plan to personally bring these collected monies and materials to the Sisters in Angola and this became the beginnings of a volunteer movement. The 'IniciativAngola' Association was set up under the guidance of Fr Hanzej M. Rosenzopf. The organisation grew rapidly because of wide interest on the aprt of the young to help and take part in this new missionary solidarity.

The IniciativAngola (Angola Initiative) Association

The Association is non-profit, and aims at extending an understanding of solidarity in a Christian sense.inviting individuals, groups and organisations to offer support:
- through prayer
- accompanying events in Angola and following up the work of the FMA
- helping with projects run by 'IniciativAngola' for the missions
- helping actual projects in Carinziarun by the Association
- taking part in events
- spreading the project far and wide
- helping with money and materials for individuals in Angola

The situation today

'IniciativAngola', under the guidance of the Salesian community, especially Hanzej M. Rosenzopf and Jože Andolšek has broadened out to become a Province project. Today the Association runs various projects to help FMA Centres in Angola: it provides financial support for teachers and food for children in school centres in Cacuaco and Benguela; the library in Cacuaco; a school in Cristo Rei village; health and medical assistance in Calulo.

Every year there are many activities and programmes through which 'iniciativAngola' either takes the lead or works with other groups to spread the notion of Christian solidarity beyond the borders of Carnizia: a Concert for Angola (wuith well-known pop and rock singers); a Song for Angola (choir made up of many school students and parishioners); Kick & Rock for Africa (a day of games and enjoyment to help out); Festiva (festival of ethnic and popular music).

The missionary volunteer movement is not limited to Carinzia, but runs throughout the whole province of Slovenia. To the two Salesians working in Carinzia, a third has been added, Brother Marko Suhoveršnik, to coordinate the preparation and sending of a growing number of volunteers each year. This tenth anniversary year, there are 16 volunteers from Carinzia and Slovenia who have spent a month of missionary experience in the various FMA centres in Angola.

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Št. Primož / St. Primus 56
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