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DB in photo - RMG01-02-2009

Project Don Bosco in photographs
Date: 1859-1888
Place: Turin, Rome, Barcelona, Nice
Province: RMG

In the face of so many photos of Don Bosco alone, in a group, at various stages of his life; so many likenesses, but with interesting differences, we are also faced with a few questions: how many photos were there really? How many do we still have? etc.

There are no easy answers. Lack of available negatives does not allow us to dig deeper into how faithful these photos area. So while trying to carry out a photographic critique based on various factors, helped by experts, we don't pretend to have achieved a professional result. However, there are photos, and we also are able to faithfully reproduce others from the time using today's techniques. Hopefully this small collection will serve this 'year of grace', as the Rector Major has called it, for the 150th of the founding of the Congregation in preparation for the bicentenary of the birth of Don Bosco in 2015.

Some technical notes

This current collection offers copies of originals, reproductions from originals, touched up reproductions, collages.

The best and truest reproductions showing Don Bosco as he was come from the 1880s. “That's him” say those who were around at the time.

The first photos appeared in the Salesian Bulletin, beginning from 1889, on the first anniversary of his death.


Turin, obviously, but also on his various trips: Rome, Sampierdarena (Genoa), France (Nice), Spain (Barcelona).


Carla felice deasti, Turin, Giuseppe della Valle, Rome, De Sanglau o Sanglans, Rome, Joaquin Pascual Martì-Codolar, Barcelona, Michele Rondoni, Turin, Francis Serra, Turin.

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