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Ngozi, Burundi - AGL15-04-2009

Lycée Don Bosco Ngozi

Project Don Bosco Ngozi
Date: Da 1962
Place: Ngozi (Burundi)
Province: AGL ( Africa Grandi Laghi)

Don Bosco Ngozi Mission is located in the North of Burundi. At the beginning, the mission was part of the former delegation (Rwanda Burundi) of the ‘Province d’Afrique Centrale (AFC)’. In this mission, we find different activities.

The educative community is made up of five confreres: the rector of the community, the vice rector, the administrator and two brothers in practical training.

The School (Lycée Don Bosco Ngozi), which hosts more than 1000 students among them 160 day scholars (mixed) and 740 boys boarders. Students follow scientific studies A (Math - Physics), and B (Biology - Chemistry), Modern Literature, Economy, Psycho-pedagogy.

The mission has also an oratory where, on Saturdays and Sundays, catechism classes, a follow up of movements of Catholic Action, sports, cultural activities are organized.

We also find in the mission a public chapel, offering to Christians of the neighborhood the opportunity to participate in Sunday Masses.

Besides the intellectual formation given to the young people, boarders and Salesians meet for the evening prayer followed by the goodnight talk, a pillar of the Salesian system of education. This is a memorable event for the young people.

The rector of this Mission is Father Mbaga Corneille.

Address: P.O. Box: 1 Ngozi-Burundi
Tel: (+257) 79954012 Rector
(+257) 22302511 Community land line
(+257) 79440342 Administrator
E-mail: (Community)  (Rector)