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Prelatura Mixes - MEG01-06-2009

Mixes Prelature

Project Mixes Prelature
Date: From 21 December 1964
Place: Northern Oaxaca State Mexico
Province: MEM and MEG


The Mixes Prelature dedicated to Mary Help of Christians is in the northern part of Oaxaca State, Mexico. Evangelisation of the region had Villa Alta as its starting point, and belonged to the Dominicans from 1548 to 1763 then the Secular Clergy who worked there until 1966. The Salesians of Don Bosco were given their first parish there in 1962.

Ethnic groups

The Mixe people live in the mountains in the northeast, in districts like Villa Alta, Choapan, Yautepec, Juchitán, Tehuantepec and Veracruz State.

Chinantecos: The Chinanteco people live in the north, mainly in Veracruz, near the northeast region of the Mazateca, eastern Cuicateca) and south and southeast Zapoteca), bordering on 17 municipalities known as "la Chinantla" in Cuicatlán, Tuxtepec, Choapan, Etla and Ixtlán, where the best known areas are: Ayotzintepec, San Felipe Usila, San José Chiltepec, San Lucas Ojitlán, San Juan Bautista Valle Nacional, San Pedro Yolox and Santiago Comaltepec.

Zapotecas: The Zapotecas are the most numerous people in Oaxaca. We find them today spread over four large regions, and though they are the same ethnic group these regional groups have specific features which differentiate them, not just for language variety, but even in cultural details. The origins of the Zapotecos probably go back 6 thousand years before Christ when grain planting and agriculture began. They draw their pre-Christian spiritual roots from the highest peaks in the region: Mount Alban, Mitla, Yagul where they settled in pre-Hispanic times, and these settlements are monuments to the spiritual strength the people possess. Today they are considered to be the Patrimony of all Humankind.

Salesian presence

Salesian presence from Mexico-Mexico (MEM) and Mexico-South (MEG) has been particularly important for mission work in Oaxaca, where they work with Mixes,Chinantecos and some Zapotecas communities. Beginning in 1962 the first Salesians came to the area. In 1962 they received the first parish of Tlahuitoltepec from the local bishop. The area was set up as the Mixepolitan Prelature on 21 December 1964 and belongs to the ecclesiastical province of Oaxaca. Currently it is under Bishop Héctor Guerrero Córdova SDB Prelate for the Mixes, appointed by His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI on 3rd March 2007. He was consecrated by Bishop José Luis Chávez Botello Archbishop of Oaxaca Antequera on Saturday 28 April 2007 (celebrated this year 2009 with the “Bishop's Feastday”) in Ayutla, where the Bishop lives. he had been provincial of the Salesians since 2000 2006 in MEG)


According to 2007 statistics and the 2009 Diocesan directory the area covers 10,000 Km2 with a population of 180,000 of whom 30,000 are Catholic. There are 16 Parishes, 10 Diocesan priests and 25 Salesian priests. There are also 4 Franciscanos and around 700 catechiosts (lay). There are also 16 FMA and about the same number of other Religious groups of Sisters working there. In the “Don Bosco” minor seminary around 25 future priests have started out on their formal studies.

Special event

From 27 to 28 April 2009 in Ayutla, Oaxaca Mexico, there was the Bishop's feast day (in honour of Christ the Good Shepherd as represented by the Bishop) The Mixe Prelature celebrated his second anniversary of episcopal ordiantion and it marked the beginning of a building - the minor seminary in the Mixe region; there was an afternoon procession on 27 April with Salesians, Salesian Sisters, seminarians and staff from the “Don Bosco” minor seminary also taking part.

The mission statement of the Mixes Prelature:

We seeks to form each Christian through a deeper knowledge of Christ through the Word of God, the Bible, and be:

  • a disciple follower of the Risen Christ.
  • a part of a community: the Church
  • missionary: people evangelised become evangelisers themselves
  • conversion: change of life through imitation of and personal encounter with Jesus the Son of God.

Address: Casa Parroquial de San Pedro y San Pablo
Ayutla, Mixes Oaxaca
C. P. 70283
Tel: (951) 5-58-20-08
Fax: (951) 5-58-20-98