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Slovakia - SLK01-08-2009

Activities for youth - oratories youth centres - Slovakia

Project: Youth centres and Oratories in Slovakia
Date: Since 1989
Place: Slovakia
Province: SLK

Activities for youth - oratories youth centres - Slovakia

After the fall of communism 20 years ago (1989) Salesians, right up until today, have given life and growth to 20 oratories/youth centres.

Education and evangelisation for the young, during the school year and especially during summer holidays, are all carried out in a typically Salesian way as part of the youth culture and in the Slovak national setting.

Sport (football, hockey - played on asphalt), and KAMA, the national football tournament for the oratories; theatre, tourism (Slovakia has lots of mountains and tourism is popular amongst young people), music, concerts...

Tourism also means vocation ministry, especially when during long mountain walks, young people are offered convferences on vocation topics.
Pre-novices and novices take part in these activities to give witness to their own vocational journey, along with their formators.

Address: Saleziáni Don Bosca,
Mileticova 7,
SK - 821 08 Bratislava
Tel: (0421) 2-502.31.230
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