Focus 2009

Fossano - ICP01-09-2009

Technical-Profession Education Centre, Fossano

Project: Technical-Profession Education Centre
Date: Since 1979
Place: Fossano and Savigliano (Cuneo)
Province: ICP

The socio-economic context of the area served by the Centre is bound uo mainly, though not exclusively, with the municipalities surrounding Fossana and Savigliano. The area's activities are mainly divided into agricultural, and local manufacturing and crafts. In these latter two there is constant need for updated approaches. The creation of a mechnaics hub in the area confirms the local employment growth situation of manufacturing development and at the same time indicates the need for the high professionalism associated with it.

Service and hi-tech industries are increasing significantly and also have increased employment requirements, especially in the service sector. Then there is the consolidation of the agricultural food production chain which has developed a network of local manufacturing requiring qualified workers. There are also commercial towns involved in distribution on a small or larger scale, needing sometimes less-qualified workers.

Add to this the growth in interest in the historical, cultural and gastronomic aspects typical of the region. Historical and cultural sites, shows, food exhibits are all playing an increasing role for local tourism, and bring with them new professional prospects.

The Centre has been in existence since 1979 and by developing the attention it gives to its service of the local area over the years it has developed and broadened its education and guidance in response to the needs emerging. These experiences have led to constant re-assessment of the curricula, skills and structures.

There are numerous accords with local bodies and with educational and schooling groups in the area. There is collaboration with local employment organisations and with specific industrial and local industry firms both in terms of education and employment possibilities. Families are consulted, along with the students, guidance organisations and social welfare agencies. The intention is to offer a qualified and effective preparation which satisfies the expectations of both the recipient and the local area.

The Centre offers:

  • Career guidance, guidance in courses, counselling, a balance of skilling and support for finding employment;
  • courses which respond to employment needs and the educational needs of students.
The main courses offered are:
  1. Initial preparation as laid down by Italian law 53/2003 regarding education of 14/18 year olds. This involves two and three year courses with work experience periods.
  2. Subject selection and course guidance, in strict coordination with the local network of middle and senior secondary schools, so that there is an integrated system of guidance and support for subject choices at middle and senior levels as well as for courses leading to University.
  3. Post-secondary qualification and specialisation coordinated with IPS to provide specialisation in Industrial Automation.
  4. Post-Diploma and Degree courses in specific specialisations in newer areas. We are involved with partnerships in IFTS projects which promote secondary schooling in the area.
  5. Apprenticeship formation in the key areas known as F1, F2, F3 with structured or planned courses in the main fields represented in the local area.
  6. Education for young people at risk of social exclusion with alternating courses (involving formal class and work experience) which facilitate their reintegration in education or finding suitable employment.
  7. Education for those with light or medium neurophysical Handicap, offering individual support.
  8. Ongoing education for updating or reskilling for employees in firms and industries. These courses:
    • are aimed at specific qualifications such as Electrical, thermohydraulic or CAD operators;
    • are aimed at developing specific technical, computer and language skills.
  9. Training courses, introductory or finding employment.
  10. Guidance modules before, during and after the courses, particularly to help the weaker ones and to re-motivate them for work.
  11. Formation for businesses on specific request regarding techniques or technologies.
  12. Planned activities for updating personnel at the Centre or other educational and formation groups.

The beneficiaries are: young people, adults, women, professionals, business people, migrants, military, etc.

Some of the outstanding programs are European programs involving international exchange with times spent in Germany, Spain, Poland and Slovakia, aimed at special situations (businessmen, professionals and the Italian Army), participation in international projects like Peer Review (Progetto Leonardo da Vinci).


Technical areas are:

    Automation, Metal mechanics, Electrical-electronic, Computers, Service industry, Commercial, Hotel and Tourism, Hi-tech industry.
Overall no. of courses (2009) : 125
Overall number of students (2009) : 2,307
Overall no of hours (2008) : 45,651
Address: Associazione CNOS-FAP Regione Piemonte
Sede Operativa di Fossano - Savigliano
Via Verdi, 22 - 12045 FOSSANO (CN)
Vicolo Orfane, 6 - 12038 SAVIGLIANO CN
Tel: (+39) 0172/63.65.41
Fax: (+39) 0172/634354
Web site: