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Banquerohan - FIN15-10-2009

Don Bosco Agro-Mechanical Technology Center

Project: Don Bosco Agro-Mechanical Technology Center
Date: June 28, 2001
Place: Legazpi, Albay province, Philippines
Province: FIN

1.To provide youth with knowledge and skills to acquire a gainful
employment or self-employment.
2.To guide youth in developing moral, human and social values and attitude.
3.To develop in the youth appropriate entrepreneurial and management skills.

The courses offered are of 1½ years duration: 1 year of in-center
training, and 5 months of supervised in-plant or in-farm training.

1. Agriculture Technician
The trainees will acquire skills and knowledge in:
- Mechanized farming - uses of agricultural machines
- Vegetable gardening and plant growing
- Orchard - fruit trees
- Animal husbandry

2. Agro-Mechanics
The trainees will acquire skills and knowledge:
- In operating agricultural machines
- In the repair and maintenance of machines
- In metal fabrication - welding, sheet metal work

3. General Electricity Course
The trainees will acquire skills and knowledge in:
- Building and commercial wiring
- Motor controls
- Basic servicing of home appliances and refrigeration system

program applies to all courses: to train “entrepreneurs”
The beneficiaries are young women and men, 17-23 years of age, at least
2nd year H.S.

Don Bosco assists the graduates in identifying and implementing their
livelihood projects:
- To facilitate the organization of an Association of graduates
- To offer technical assistance and product development
- To provide assistance in management
- To facilitate access to credit facilities
- To provide access to market information

- To develop and apply appropriate agricultural technology for the hilly
terrain on coconut plantation, in growing a variety of root crops,
vegetables, plants and fruit trees, and farm animals.
- To develop appropriate implements and mechanical processes in tilling
the soil, in harvesting and post- harvesting operations.
- To assist farmers in selecting appropriate crops according to the
terrain condition and for proper utilization of the land.

Don Bosco is committed to assist graduates in the realization of their
livelihood projects

Address: Banquerohan,
P.O. Box 290
Legazpi City, 4500,
Albay Province Office
Tel: 0920-9083775