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Wau - AFE15-03-2010

DBVTC (Don Bosco Vocational Training Center), Wau : Expo2009

Project: Expo 2009
Date: 12 - 13 November 2009.
Place: Wau, Southern Sudan
Province: AFE

What was Expo2009? When did it take place?

In Wau, Southern Sudan, where the Salesians have been present since 1985, we run a vocational training centre. The idea of offering an exposition not only of our own work in this area, but also to other schools and centres, grew under the leadership of the Salesian community in Wau, led by Fr Jacob Thelekkadan.

After a prolonged and intensive preparation of more than a month, with the whole-hearted cooperation and hard work of both the staff and students of DBVTC under the careful & interested & vigilant leadership of Fr. Mathew KJ, the Principal, and the Volunteers, the DBVTC Expo2009 was ready to be opened on 12 November 2009. The two days exhibition was officially concluded at 3.00 pm on 13 November 2009.

Who took part?

Expo2009 was solemnly and officially opened by the Secretary General of Western Bahar El Gazal State, his Excellency Paul Hassan on behalf of the Governor of the State. The Director General of Physical Infrastructure, his Excellency Marcelo gave the opening speech and cut the ribbon.

Expo2009 was open to all. Thus hundreds of students from the various schools, scores of UN Personnel, Heads and members of the different Humanitarian Agencies present in Wau, Religious and Church Personnel, many officials from the Government and Police as well as many ordinary people of the town turned up to witness the creativity and achievement of the students of DBVTC. The expression of wonder, interest, appreciation and joy on the faces of those who turned up for this event definitely conveyed to the Management, Staff and Students of DBVTC that their month long slogging had not been spent in vain.

What activities were represented?

The staff and students of the seven departments of the DBVTC, namely Computer, Printing, Electricity, Masonry, Carpentry, Welding and Auto-mechanics demonstrated to the public that Don Bosco VTC is indeed a major centre of technical learning that contributes much in the development of the State in particular and South Sudan in general.

Promises have been already made to the students by the Government authorities as well as others of job placements as soon as they would finish their training at DBVTC. This has been an encouragement both to the Staff and the Students. The occasional games arranged in one of the large halls of the VTC had a never-ending crowd all throughout the day.

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