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Solomon - FIN01-08-2010

Don Bosco Technical Institute, Henderson celebrates 10 years

Project: Don Bosco Technical Institute, Henderson celebrates 10 years
Date: Since 2000
Places: Henderson, Salomon Island
Province: FIN

“Look up and count the stars”, the Lord told Abram. (Gen 15.)

10 years have past since the first students for young men and women commenced in a little room at Henderson. ‘Where will the classrooms and workshops be?’ inquired a concerned young man. ‘In due time, they will all be built’ was the answer. And true enough – 10 years later – Don Bosco Technical Institute, boasts of a clean campus, fully furnished classrooms, well equipped workshops, an indoor gymnasium and a variety of playing fields. A library, science laboratory and an audio visual hall that greatly enhances the learning of its students. The neat and clean environment, the quiet atmosphere and the well motivated teachers and students, constantly striving for excellence and searching for ways to enhance themselves and their future are the hallmark of Don Bosco Technical Institute, Henderson.

We are grateful to the Good Lord for His grace and His blessings. We thank the many benefactors, volunteers, teachers, instructors, parents and all those who have the interest of the young at heart. May the Good Lord and Don Bosco bless them abundantly.

The beauty of Solomon Islands is amazing. What impresses one immediately is the green grass and the tall trees present all around. What hits one is the heat and the humidity.

Interacting with the people – spending time with them – sharing their food and their simple homes - has given me an insight into their culture, understanding, and way of life. They radiate contentment, joy and happiness – as they welcome and reach out to share God's gifts and the little they have with persons. Time stands still as they sit under the trees to protect themselves from the sweltering sun. It’s amazing how they manage with the minimum. They have taught me much – to appreciate Gods gifts, to use them wisely and well, above all to manage with the minimum.

Islands and tribes makes up the Solomon Islands. Of 992 islands 347 are inhabited. Education seems to be an important area that needs immediate addressing. Education – to enable them understand themselves, their fellow beings and their environment. It will enable them respect each other and work together for the good of all.

With this in mind Don Bosco opened its doors to the push-out’s who are technically inclined. Don Bosco Technical Institute has today 194 students in five trade courses – Auto mechanics, Electricity, Life skills, Carpentry and Machine Fitting. There is also a secondary section that has a technical component. Values of discipline, honesty, commitment, dedication and hardwork are stressed – all with a view to prepare the youngster for employment in Industry.

As we look back over the years that have passed – we raise give thanks for the stars now shining in the Solomon Islands. We ask the Lord to guide us all to enhance and empower persons at all times.

Address: Don Bosco Technical School
P.O.Box 566 Hederson, Honiara
Solomon Islands
Tel: (677) 362-22
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