Focus 2010

Missionary n.141 - RMG15-10-2010

Missionary expedition 141 - 2010

Project: Missionary expedition 141
Date: begun: 1875
Place: from any province in the world to any province in the world
Province: Basilica of Mary Help of Christians, Turin


The 141st Missionary Expedition was officially commissioned on Sunday 26  September, from the Basilica of Mary Help of Christians in Valdocco,  Turin, The missionary mandate was given by the Rector Major of the  Salesians, Fr Pascual Chávez.
 The solemn celebration in one of the most significant places in Salesian  history, the Basilica of Mary Help of Christians, saw new missionaries  setting out for the 5 continents, an event which recalls the first  missionary expedition sent by Don Bosco himself on 11 November 1875, and  re-confirms the global missionary vocation of the Congregation.

 This years receiving their cross from the Rector Major there were  42SDBs, 9 more than last year. Many of them, 24, come from Asia, of whom  11 from Vietnam alone. The rest are from Europe (7), America (5) and  Africa, which this year for the first time is sending out more  missionaries than it is welcoming.

 In addition to these there are 3 other Salesians who went to the  missions during 2010, two sent to Haiti and one to Fiji, and who were  not present at this ceremony since they are already in their mission lands.

 As well as the Salesians on their way to “missio ad gentes” there were 8  FMA missionaries and 22 lay volunteers.
 The destinations of the new missionaries are works and communities  around the world. Some of them, including 11 Salesians, will be going as  missionaries to European countries, a decision in keeping with the  guidelines of the GC26 and the commitment undertaken for the Project for  Europe. The Salesian charism, with its preferential option for the poor,  in fact involves the numerous pockets of material and spiritual poverty  often hidden away on the outskirts of modern western cities. In  addition, all the Provinces are responsible for sending missionaries and  the communion between communities is also seen in the mutual support  they provide in various situations.

 The Salesian missionaries were prepared for this day by attending a  preparation course organised by the Department for the Missions and held  between Rome and Turin, during which they have had the opportunity to  meet the Rector Major and get to know some of the main places of  Salesian interest.

 The need for specific formation for the missionaries is based on the  knowledge that in the missionary apostolate enthusiasm and the wealth of  one’s own faith, fundamental though they may be, are not in themselves  sufficient. Missionaries need the appropriate preparation in order to go  to a new country and among different people, with respect and trust in  them so that their presence may be a welcome effective, humble and  beneficial one.


Mission Department, Rome, Pisana