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Pastorale MEM - MEM01-11-2010

Some activities of the Salesian Youth Ministry Team MEM

Project: Some activities of the Salesian Youth Ministry Team MEM
Date: 2010
Place: Tlazala Edo. de México and Provincial House, St Julia
Province: Our Lady of Guadalupe Province, Mexico-Mexico (MEM)

27-28 February 2010
Camp Bosco 2010 in Mexico, “Casa del Hombre Nuevo” Tlazala de Fabela, Mexico State
Camp Bosco 2010 had jsut drawn to a close at the Salesian Retreat House in Mexico South. It was run by the Salesian Youth Ministry Team, MEM, under the leadership of Fr  Julián Daniel García Reynoso, sdb, Youth Ministry Delegate. More than  600 boys and girls from the Mexican Republic took part (Mexico D.F., Edo. de México, Morelia, Oratorio San Juan Bosco Puebla, Colegio de Tehuacán, Querétaro,  Tlaxcala, Guadalajara etc. ) coordianted by some 70 young leaders who form part of the Salesian Leaders Group in the Salesian Youth Movement (also involving prenovices, practical trainees, theology students). These were responsible for order and discipline, group leadership, liturgy, theatre, prayer etc.,  with the help also of Salesian Cooperators, preists from both MEM and MEG for sacraments. The camp sought to bring young people to an encounter with God in nature through reflection and the experience of being together, camping in tents, where they could share experiences of life, faith and hope, as well as appreciate different ways of experiencing and living Salesian spirituality. The central theme was  "The Preventive System and Human Rights, from the Gospel for young people today". 

21-22 May 2010
Pastoral Visit to Casa Don Bosco, San Cristóbal de las Casas,Chiapas, Mexicoel Lic. en C
The Salesian Youth Ministry Team (made up of Fr Julián Daniel García Reynoso sdb, Delegate, Teodoro Castro, Francisco Javier Cabrera experts in communication and education respectively)  carried out a pastoral visit to Casa Don Bosco de San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas. The purpose of the visit was to encourage apstoral projects in the houses, both by Salesians, and the wider community of the work; this time the idea was to plan a number of meetings with the Don Bosco house.

29 – 30 May 2010,
Retreat for Salesian Leaders, MEM “Encounter with the Rsien Lord”, Casa del Hombre Nuevo, Tlazala Edo. de México
Salesian Leaders (Animadores Salesianas or AS in Spanish) from Our Lady of Guadalupe Province shared a retreat called an encounter with the Risen Lord. This followed the Holy Week experience and focused on mission in various apostolic activities, for which it is necessary to share the joy that Christ brought his disciples after the Resurrection.

26 June 2010
Meeting of Salesian Leaders with the YM Team, Provincial House MEM, Santa Julia MEM
Young people who make up the AS (Salesian Leaders Group) met with Fr Daniel García Reynoso, Francisco Javier Cabrera ,  and Teodoro Castro, and Bro. Víctor Guerrero who are the animators of the group. The aim was to gain a better understanding of Salesian Youth Ministry, the framework of SYM at world level and an overall understanding of evangelisation. They got to see some of the materials produced by the Congregation,  with clear examples such as those produced by Fr Juan Edmundo Vecchi the eighth successor of Don Bosco, and Rector Major from 1996 to 2002.

25-26 September 2010,
Camp MAS, Tlazala Edo. de México
Altar servers from the Province came together at Tlazala en la Casa del Hombre Nuevo for Camp MAS (Movimiento de Acólitos Salesianos in Spanish or Salesian Altar Servers Movement, in English).
Coming from mostly Salesian works, Colleges, Oratories, Parishes, they came together with much enthusiasm for a camp under the banner of Our Lady. The topic this year was “Like Mary, altar servers serve with joy”. Mary was presented as a central figure in their task of serving since she served with a smile and by always saying her sincere 'yes'.

2 -3 October 2010,
Salesian Leaders meeting, Tlazala Edo de México
One senses an ever stronger identity for the Salesian Leaders Group in MEM, young people from various works, members of different groups and associations invited to be part of the AS (Animadores Salesianos or Salesian Leaders).
In this group that find room for activity in so many areas (Camp MAS, Camp Savio, Camp Bosco, Catechetics Rally), which means they need tese moments of formation and celebration.
At this meeting the aim was: enabling Salesian Leaders in their task of animation. Through games, Lectio Divina and understanding Service with the help of the Church's Social Teaching.

Agustín Coca Roura
Corresponsal de MEM