Focus 2010

Holy Land - MOR15-12-2010

Holy Land: Celebrate Christmas with us!

Project: International Theologate (Studium Theologicum Sts. Peter and Paul) Ratisbonne, Jerusalem
Date: 2010  (even though the story begins elsewhere, Cremisan....)
Place: Holy Land
Province: Students come from 21 different provinces.

Celebrate Christmas with us!

“Glory to God in the highest, and peace to  those who enjoy his favour” (Lk 2:4). With these words the “multitudes of the heavenly hosts”  rejoices following the angels' announcement to the shepherds: Jesus, our Saviour, has been born for all people, all races, all nations… it is the Lord's birthday. History from this time on has never been the same and the Word has spread to every corner of the earth, gathering people of very race around Jesus.


Just a few kilometres from the places that have “seen” and been part of the events of salvation, the Salesian Community in Jerusalem could well be a reflection and consequence of the universality of the Christian message. In fact, young Salesians from all around the world come to the Holy land to study theology, the final step in their formation on the way to priesthood.

“The added value which studying theology in the Holy Land offers our students is the opportunity to study Holy Scripture in precisely  the same places where the narrated events took place”, says Fr Robert Spataro, principal of the “Studium Theologicum Salesianum”, an institute affiliated to the Faculty of Theology at the UPS (Università Pontificia Salesiana) in Rome.

The curriculum in fact strongly features material dealing with the Scriptures, and finds its strength in the opportunity of reading the Bible“in loco”, seeing, moving around and carefully visiting many of the places described in the Old and New Testaments.

So - in the shepherds' footsteps, so to speak - young Salesians today from all over the world come to the Holy Land and see these places so tied in with salvation history. And this experiences adds something special to who they will be as future Salesian priests.

Happy Christmas!

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