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BOSCOREE 2010 - IND15-01-2011

11 ° BOSCOREE nazionale 2010 a Dimapur

Project: 11th National Boscoree 2010 held at Dimapur
Date: 2010
Place: Dimapur, India
Province: IND Dimapur

11th National boscoree 2010 HELD AT DIMAPUR

The 11th National Boscoree 2010 with the theme “Peace on Earth” got to a colourful start on 30 December, at Don Bosco Higher Secondary School, Dimapur. The more than two thousand participants, which included the Scouts and Guides, Scoutmasters and Guide captains, teachers and volunteers from 75 schools of the Salesian Family from 18 states across the country. The Boscoree Chief, P.X. Francis SDB, LT(S and the Camp Chief Mr. K.S. Charles, welcomed the participants and wished them an adventurous and enriching experience in the land of festivals.

During the inaugural ceremony the, National, Boscoree, and the Scouts and Guides flags, were hoisted to the singing of the respective anthems by the participants coming from 75 schools of the country. The opening ceremony also included the releasing the tri-coloured balloons with a message “Peace on Earth.”

Make this world “Greener, Cleaner and Happier” said the Chief Guest, Devinder Singh, Brigadier Artillery, a Sena Medalist, from Army Head Quarter, Rangapahar - Dimapur, while inaugurating the National event. “Trees grow tall, bear fruit and live long when it is cared for while a sapling”, said the Chief Guest while emphasizing the necessity of care and support to be given to the young when they are young and growing. He appreciated Boscoree for paying attention and nurture the future of the society.

Fr. (Dr.) James Poonthuruthil, Salesian Provincial of Dimapur Province, welcoming the Boscouts and Guides to Nagaland, the land of festivals and Dimapur the commercial hub and gate way of Nagaland, called on the scouts and guides to enlarge their circle of friends. North East he said is a mosaic of races, ethnic groups, cultures, religions, beliefs and practices. It is a place of rich experience. The Salesian Provincial, Guwahati, representing SPCSA Fr. (Dr.) Joe Almeida invited the Bosco scouts and guides to “know the diversity in North East and promote unity in the country”. Present for the occasion included Fr. Dominic Sequiera, representing Youth Pastoral Department, Rome, Fr. Maria Charles, South Asian Delegate for DBYA, South Asian coordinator for Education and Culture and secretary to AIDBES, Fr. Nestor Guria, Vice Provincial of Dimapur Province, guides and guide captains, boscouts and scoutmasters, fathers, brothers, sisters and accompanying teachers and guardians.

The participants had an enriching experience by meeting their counterparts from varied backgrounds, languages, cultures, traditions and practices on the second day, which was dedicated to theme of National Integration. The day was preceded by an evening of folk songs and traditional dances of India, which brought to their knowledge the thoughts and beliefs permeating the rich cultural heritage. The Boscouts and Guides, dressed themselves in the traditional dress other than their own, learnt songs from another tribe, learnt few phrases from another language, drew the map of the country, displayed tableau on historic events of the country and sang the National anthem to live the moment of unity, harmony and integration. The day was also marked by display of varieties of handicrafts and model villages which accounts for the vast expanse of life lived across the country.

The first day of the Year, was marked by the participants of 11th National Boscoree, taking one of the most colourful and message-filled Peace Rally through the byways and lanes of Dimapur beckoning everyone to peace and harmony. The Boscoreeans from more than 75 schools with 2500 participants dressed in their traditional attire, from east and west and south and north of India, with placards of peace, beating traditional drums and singing their melodies rallied for a treasure “PEACE” which everyone wishes and cherishes. The rally was a sight to be marvelled at and a memory to be savoured each moment. The Peace Rally escorted by Dimapur Police, marched through the town of Dimapur, the commercial hub of Nagland, bringing home the message that peace is what we need in the 365 days ahead.  Pioneering, adventure activities and Quiz competition on Don Bosco and Lord Baden Powell, two important personalities who worked particularly for the education and well being of young people were other important events. The showcasing of the rich cultural heritage of India through the cultural dance competitions and the theme presentations culminated the day. The day was also marked by a photo exhibition on the theme Amidst the People” by the Don Bosco Alumni.   

At the valedictory function on 2 January 2011, Fr. (Dr.) James Poonthuruthil, the Salesian Provincial, Dimapur, urged the participants to carry the wonderful inspirations and experiences they had at the Boscoree and be a beacon of light in their home environment. Quoting Robin S. Sharma’s book “The Monk Who Sold his Ferrrari” he said “Time slips through our hands like grains of sand never to return again. He also reminded that the Scouts and Guides movement is a wonderful platform and opportunity for young people to use the God-given time wisely. He stressed that only by living the principles and values of the movement can one achieve success in life.

In a similar strain as the inspiring and unforgettable words inscribed in the epitaph of Kohima War cemetery, Nestor Guria SDB, Vice Provincial of the host province, reminded the scouts and guides that when they get back home, they should tell others of the beauty of human life seen and experienced in the North East. Present for the conclusion were Fr. Dominic Sequiera, representing Youth Pastoral Department, Rome, Fr. Maria Charles, South Asian Delegate for DBYA.

The five-day long of camping displayed unique, creative and indigenous talents of Bosco scouts and Guides. The event included competitions of various types such as Folk Songs, Traditional Dances, Indigenous Gadgets, Handicrafts, Model Village Making, Quiz, Group Dynamics and so on.

It may be noted that, Boscoree, a Salesian Family fathering of the young,  is held in every three years keeping alive the belief, conviction and the message of the two legends Don Bosco and Baden Powell, that young people have tremendous power and energy to impact changes in the world and that the society needs to instill in them love, confidence and trust.

The more than 2500 scouts and guides that gathered for the 11th National Boscoree 2010, had a beautiful opportunity to interact with one another from different states of India and add yeast to their growth. 

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