Focus 2011

SFD 2011 - RMG01-02-2011

Salesian Family Days 2011

Project: Spirituality Days of the Salesian Family 2011
Date: 2011
Place: Italia RMG
Province: RMG

THURSDAY 20: Returning to Don Bosco

(There goes the Lamb of God)
[Moderator: Fr Pier Luigi Cameroni]

3.30 pm  Arrival and settling in
3.45 pm  Mass for whoever so desires: Fr Cameroni
4.30 pm:  Welcome and introduction to sessions
   Fr Bregolin
4.45 pm:  Opening celebration
   Address by Fr Miguel Canino:
   Don Bosco as vocations animator. Historical considerations for Salesian vocation ministry.”
   Address by Sr Pina del Core:
   Young people and vocation choices, mixture of fear and trust. Challenges faced in educating to life choices.”
   Video and response
7.45 pm  Supper
9.15 pm  Strenna Video projection – RM's Good Night


FRIDAY 21: Returning to Jesus

(“What are you looking for?”)
[Moderator: Sr Marta Drei]

7.00 - 8.30 am Breakfast
8.45 am  Video information and
   presentation of the speaker
9.00 am  Celebration
   address by Fr Bartolomè:
   "Master, where do you live?" - Come and see!" (Jn 1:38-19). See how Jesus accompanies those who follow him. See where he leads them.
10.15 am  Open response (in auditorium)
10.30 am  Break
11.00 am  Testimonies; personal stories: stories of vocation

12.30 pm  Break
1.00 pm  Lunch
3.45 pm  VOCATION SPACE :Prayer
   Gathering and sharing
6.30 pm  Break
7.00 pm  Mass in Spanish:
   Rector Major to preside,
   Fr Adrian Bregolin, homily
8.00 pm  Supper
9.15 pm  Recital concerning Nino Baglieri
   Good Night:
   Sr Maria Luisa Miranda (FMA Councillor for SF)


SATURDAY 22: Returning with Mary

(Rabbi, where do you live?)
[Moderator: Roberto Severino ASC]

7.00 - 8.30 am Breakfast
8.45 am  Video information
9.00 am  Celebration
9.20 am  Address by the Rector Major:
   “Educators to faith who foster a culture of vocation”.
   Response in the auditorium
10.30 am  Break
11.00 am  Testimonies of experiences of vocation proposal and accompaniment:

12.30 pm  Break
1.00 pm  Lunch
3.45 pm  MEETING SPACE :
gathering and sharing experiences of  Salesian Family Advisory Council
7.00 pm  S. Mass in Italian
   Fr KANAGA - Mass of Laura Vicuña
8.00 pm  Supper
9.00 pm  Fraternal evening
Good Night:
Sr Apollinaris (Sisters of Charity of Jesus)


SUNDAY 23: Returning to the young

(“Come and see”)
[Moderator: Fr Adrian Bregolin]

8.00 pm  Mass recorded by Tele Pace and Sat 2000 from transmission by Streaming on
9.00 am  Breakfast
10.00 am  Video information
10.15 am  Concluding celebration
   address by RM

12.30 pm  Lunch

via della Pisana, 1111
00163 Italia