Focus 2011

Thailand Don Bosco Casket - THA01-03-2011

the Casket of Don Bosco in Thailand

Project: Don Bosco in colour
Date: 2011
Place: Thailand
Province: THA Thailand

Don Bosco in colour

The subject of this focus is a little unusual: it is not a 'project' in the normal sense of the word.  You will see from the images that many of them tell us about the pilgrimage of Don Bosco's Casket to Thailand some months ago, but not all images are about the Casket.

The real subject of this FOCUS is the way the Thai people use colour so effectively as they live out their beliefs and express them in life, in print, and on the web.  For example, in Thailand, as in other parts of Asia, yellow, rather than purple, is the colour which best expresses royalty.

We are used to our liturgical colours. The Thai people believe that wearing the colour of the day brings good luck - so expect that the days of the week will have colour associated with them. A possible guide might be - Sunday = Red, Monday = Yellow, Tuesday = Pink, Wednesday = Green, Thursday = Orange, Friday = Blue, Saturday = Purple

Naturally, then, Don Bosco's triumphant appearance in Thailand was associated with much colour, and it is this that we wanted to simply focus on. One only needs to pick up the Salesian Bulletin in Thailand, or go to one of their websites to see this in action.


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