Focus 2011

Artimedes Zatti Province ARN - ARN15-04-2011

CALENDAR, Artimedes Zatti Province:

Project: CALENDAR, Artimedes Zatti Province: "Come and See".
Date: 2011
Place: Argentina North
Province: ARN

How does the Argentina North Province present itself?
"Here you will discover many pages reflecting our daily life, our communities, our teams, our activities, fraternal occasions... But this Calendar also reveals, to some extent, our dreams, what we are looking for, our desire to respond as a community to the question the Master asks of us: "What are you looking for?"

So it can be clear from the start, this Calendar is not just about organizing, planning.... but should be, for all of us, a meeting place, somewhere to celebrate, recall things, a simple tool that can help us to give energy to our dream, HIS dream for all of us.

This is what we want to experience in 2011, throughout our life, so it can be nurtured by real meaning!

Let's help one another to do it together!

Warmest greetings - and looking forward to each encounter. In Jesus and Don Bosco.

Manuel Cayo SDB

Inspectoría Salesiana artemides Zatti

Av. Ramon J. Cárcano 75
(5003) Córdoba