Focus 2011

Vocation Ministry - INE15-05-2011

Vocation Ministry in the Italy North East Province

Project: Vocation Groups
Date: 2011
Place: Italy North East Province
Province: INE

Province Vocation Ministry has a long tradition in the Italy North East Province which is profoundly anchored within the Youth Ministry work aimed at helping young people discover the meaning of life and God's plan for them. One regular practice is the proposal of specific gatherings (4-5 weekends during the year, plus retreats) for different age groups. The aim of this vocation ministry is to help young people discern God's voice and presence in their daily lives and answer His call in trust and joy. Each youngster begins his own journey where he is. Taking part in the Province-led journey is offered as a particular opportunity for vocational growth, to broaden horizons and grow in a sense of belonging to the Salesian charism that goes beyond the local situation. There are various 'journeys' for various age groups

• Group Leaders : for middle school boys. This is to help them be a leaven amongst their school mates. Life is a gift which is not to be kept to oneself. They are involved in group formation, readiness to serve, fidelity to the sacraments, especially confession and communion, and involvement in a more coherent way of living experienced in friendliness and sharing as they study the first good boys at Don Bosco's Oratory. Such are the elements which make this vocational journey useful.

• Youth Horizons Group : for upper high school students. Those who wish to strengthen their relationship with Christ in the spirit and style of Don Bosco and Mother Mazzarello: they accept that God's best gift is life, and learn to love as Jesus loved, read life through the eyes of faith, and live their lives by opening their hearts up to the needs of the poor. They give generously of their lives. There is one group for boys and another for the girls, but they also have times where they can share, pray and be together.

• Yoputh for Youth Group : for senior students. This is for final year students where they learn to be for the Church and in the Church, with Don Bosco's heart. Hear they attend to the deeper questions that arise from within, and how they can belong in a more mature way to Salesian spirituality and the charism, growing by getting to know Don Bosco and the Saints of the Salesian Family better. They attempt to deepen the basis of their Christian lifestyle and recognise the signs of God's love in their lives. They do so by making a more convinced choice for God and an experience of leadership and service with Don Bosco's style about it.

• Vocation Group : for 17-18 year olds and beyond. This is for those who have already made some choice for a Christian lifestyle, and who wish to deepen their faith through an encounter with Christ. Here they sincerely seek to understand their own calling with particular attention to the Salesian Family. The desire to discover and then answer God's call becomes more transparent in the way they live, through love. They seek a closer contact with Jesus and thus try to be more open, faithful and clear about things through spiritual direction.

• Face to Face : This is for 18 year olds and beyond. Offered to young men who have already been through the Vocations Group. They make a more explicit choice for the Salesian vocation. This choice involves - where possible - being part of a Salesian community where they share the life and mission of the Salesians.

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