Focus 2011

WYD 2011 - SMA01-11-2011

WYD 2011: the Salesian Youth Movement

Project: WYD
Date: 2011
Place: Madrid
Province: SMA
ANS News
News Brazil Meeting of the Provincials and Delegates for Youth Ministry in America-South Cone
ANS San Paolo) Between the end of September and the beginning of October at San Paolo there ...
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News Spain Thank you for WYD
ANS Madrid) Yesterday afternoon, 28 September, over 250 people gathered together at the Salesian house of Atocha to say a big thank you. All those present in fact had collaborated with the ...
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News Brazil Launch of the WYD 2013 site
ANS San Paolo) At the Campo de Marte Military Airport, in San Paolo, over 100,000 young people gathered to celebrate the Bote Fé” (Have faith) Festival and to participate in the official launch of World Youth Day ...
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News Slovakia The definitive yes” into the hands of the Rector Major
ANS Žilina) On Thursday 1 September, in the presence of the Rector Major, Fr Pascual Chávez, 7 young people made their perpetual profession responding to the call of ...
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News Spain The Salesian Family’s great effort: WYD & SYM
ANS - Madrid) - The great efforts of the Salesian Family in Spain in welcoming the Salesian Youth Movement to World Youth Day in Madrid has won unanimous approval. From the ...
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News Spain We came to Madrid to be filled with hope
ANS - Madrid) It is one of the smallest of the Salesian Youth Movement delegations but certainly not the least significant. This is the group of four Salesians and three young leaders who came from ...
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News Spain - A single SYM for Italy
ANS - Madrid) - The Salesian Youth Movement from Italy came together on Friday, August 19 at the Salesians, Atocha, for a time of celebration and prayer. It was a warm and friendly meeting with a ...
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News Spain - Salesian Youth Movement future pledges
ANS - Madrid) - The members of the Salesian Youth Movement taking part in the WYD met in the late morning of Saturday 20 August at Carabachel. Before setting out for Cuatros ...
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News Spain - The Rector Major visits Salesian Family Stand at Parque del Retiro
ANS - Madrid) - In this WYD it is the young people themselves who are offering the Salesian message” said Fr Pascual Chavez, Salesian Rector Major, ...
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News Spain Salesian Family offers a generous and general welcome to young pilgrims
ANS - Madrid) - The long preparation and expectations of the Salesian Family in these days are finding fulfilment. The Salesians and Salesian ...
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