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Madagascar, N. Dame de Clairvaux - MDG01-01-2012

Ivato, Youth Centre N. Dame de Clairvaux

Project: Ivato Centre
Date: 1984
Place: Antananarivo, Ivato
Province: Madagascar MDG

Notre Dame de Clairvaux Centre at Ivato Antananarive for poor youngsters

The Centre has been built next to the Provincial House, near the airport.

It takes in young people at risk or those living in hard to access areas. It consists of a Reception Centre for young people, offering a family atmosphere. The Trade Schoolis for these boys but also others who come in daily and specialises in mechanics, carpentry, brick-laying, agriculture, cooking. The products help to support the work.

The primary school offers the State-organised courses.

As well as the school part the Oratory and Youth Centre offers playing fields, games, chapel, rooms for other activities. A small chapel is for regular visits, while the church is used for larger celebrations, and one open area for major feasts for the local people as well, in fact anyone who wishes to attend.

The youngsters gain culture and technical prowess, produce materials they can use or that the Centre can sell and also help the local economy.

Centre Notre Dame de Clairvaux
B.P. 41
105 Ivato Aeroport
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