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Salesian Bulletin - RMG01-05-2012

Salesian Bulletin

Project: Salesian Bulletin
Date: 1861
Place: RMG
Province: RMG

SSCS 2012

7.13 The Salesian Bulletin
7.13.1 Role The Salesian Bulletin:
192. spreads Don Bosco’s spirit, makes Salesian work and its needs known, links and encourages different groups in the Family, foster vocations helping the Salesian movement grow, and encouraging collaboration in the mission. Function
The Salesian Bulletin:
193. is produced according to directives from the Rector Major and his Council, and appears in various editions and languages as a general organ of Salesian work, and not as a particular one for each region.
194. has as its purpose to incarnate the values of the unique Salesian vocation in different cultural areas.
195. is a magazine in function of the mission, addressed to public opinion more than the institution. this means sensitivity to locating itself in the world that people and the Church experience today, and offering a Salesian ’ reading’ of this, especially where youth and education are concerned.
196. The Social Communication Department sets up a central coordinating service to: coordinate the renewal process (accompaniment, animation and articulation); guide the information policy and planning over the six year period; set up plans for accompaniment, formation and support for management, and to extend its dissemination; link the various SBs through the web site.
197. This service has an advisory council made up of specialists in the area.