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Misjesalezjanie - PLE01-06-2020

Missionaries supported in the fight against Covid-19

(Poland, Warsaw) - "COVID - POMOC. Nie zostawmy ich samotnie" (Covid - Help. Let's not leave them alone) is the name of the campaign carried out by the Salesian Mission Office in Warsaw to support the commitment of the Salesian missionaries in favor of those who are suffering most from the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic. As of 21 May, 199,555 zlotys (circa 45,000 Euros) were collected, most of which has already been sent to the missionaries, who then use it mainly for the purchase of food for people left without resources. So far, 18 missionary presences have already been helped.

COVID-19 has reached every latitude and missionaries worldwide are reporting on how devastating it has been - especially in the poorest and most abandoned areas - the reach of the virus and the restrictions imposed.

Salesian Fr Michał Wziętek works in Zambia, Makululu. "Here there are more and more street children: people lose their jobs, have no money and therefore do not shop as before ... So what is the way out? Since the children do not go to school, they are sent by their parents to the streets to beg or make small sales, hoping that their vision will arouse the pity of passersby. If a child does not bring anything home, there will be no dinner, and they will all go to bed hungry."

The help of the Polish benefactors has also arrived in India, Bangladesh, Zambia, Madagascar, Cameroon, Argentina, Liberia, Mexico …

Fr Paweł Kociołek works in Bangladesh. To date, in Joypurhat, he has distributed 320 kilos of rice, 160 kilos of dal and 80 liters of oil to 80 families living in the slums. He also provided milk for the children and helped the villagers.

In Liberia, food was distributed to the population of the Matami slum. Fr Krzysztof Niżniak says: "Three Salesians are active here, who distributed food to the poorest. The situation in Liberia is difficult. They introduced a rigid lockdown, from 3 pm you can no longer go anywhere. Even the Salesians must be careful. Prices are constantly rising."

Salesian help has also reached Mexico, where Salesian Coadjutor Bro. Sebastian Marcisz operates: "We mainly buy rice, beans and corn, to be delivered to those who need it most. The situation is very difficult, especially in the state of Oaxaca. Locals, indigenous people who live in the high mountains, now face the problem of absolute food shortages. The help that we can offer to these people thanks to you is inestimable for them."

Sister Teresa, who works in Sudan, reported on the worsening situation in Khartoum and refugee camps. "The big problem is bread: either it is missing or it is very expensive. The conditions in the camps are catastrophic in all respects, people are dying of hunger."

The fight against the virus and the consequences of restrictions continues. For more information visit the website: