Focus 2022

Taiwan - CIN29-04-2022

365 days dedicated to green campus: the Salesian Technical School, in Tainan

Throughout the year 2021 - 2022, the Salesian Technical School, in Tainan, dedicated their focus to building a green campaign for themselves. To complement their efforts, they have held a bonanza of events distributed all around the year, to engage their students in meaningful activities. 

- Recycled all garbage on campus completely, abiding by the environmental policies enacted by the government.  In general, we divide the litter into different categories. 

- Students in the aesthetics club integrate aesthetic creativity in their unique, environmental, and creative works by making good use of recycled materials.

- The Interact Club - As a service club, students in the Interact Club clean the streets in the neighborhood and recycle. 

- Fourth, refurbishing old appliances. Led by our principal, teachers and students from the Information and Engineering Department assisted to repair old appliances for our neighbors.

- A contest was held where students decorate the classrooms and Christmas trees by using recycled materials obtained during their collection activity. According to the contest rules, environmental slogans should be included and artificial decorations are not allowed. It is hoped to inspire the creativity of students and enhance the humane and aesthetic education during the Christmas holidays.

- Finally, activities were designed aiming to implement environmental action: by taking students to Yuguang Island in An-ping District and picking up the trash, by going to educational parks in Tainan city and participating in experience courses there, students learn how to reduce the amount of trash, recycle and reuse the materials and care more about environmental issues.