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India - INB30-08-2022

Blessing of Students’ Café at DBCL Kurla

Don Bosco Centre for Learning Kurla Mumbai inaugurated its new canteen on Tuesday 23rd August 2022. The canteen was blessed and inaugurated by Fr. Gildasio Mendes, Salesian General Councillor for Social Communication.

DBCL is a higher learning institute of Salesians of Mumbai province where on daily basis about 2500 students walk in to strive after their careers. In this competitive world, the students do feel stressed and need a comfortable space to re-energize themselves so that they can continue to strive after excellence. The Salesian fathers at DBCL wanted to have a dedicated student friendly space where students feel comfortable and spend quality time together. The new canteen is designed to give off the same ambience as a café.  With colorful murals which have the essence of the city of Mumbai, DBCL is set to give its students a spot to unwind after their academic hours.

Each element of the canteen is relevant to the youth thus making it even more enjoyable. DBCL has always promoted artistic skills hence this canteen has a designated area for the students to showcase their talent of singing, playing musical instruments etc. Students can exhibit their video documentations of sports, cultural activities on the screen for others to know what is happening in different departments of the college. It does not end here, ecological sustainability has been a major domain that DBCL wishes to work towards.

The canteen consists of various decor features and other items that have been recycled and repurposed. Fr. McEnroe Lopes who conceptualized this project said that every Don Bosco institute is a home for young people that nurtures them to grow into good human beings; that every youngster feels cared for and develops a sense of belonging to the institute. He thanked a number of people who have worked behind the scenes to make this into a reality. This is just Phase one of the canteen. Phase two will be ready soon in coming days. The canteen offers food that are generally quickbites for shorter breaks during college hours. Fresh and delicious food of great variety will be served.

Views expressed by students:

Student 1 – “I find this place very calm, relaxing and student friendly.”
Student 2 – “This café is indeed a very special space. I have not seen anything like this in other colleges.”
Student 3 – “I came to this college because I knew that Salesian fathers will always give the best to their students. This state of art café is just one small example that they are so much interested in our well-being.”

DBCL has always been striving to be much more student oriented and a space where students enjoy learning and growing. The institute continues to provide the best services to students and help them to excel. 

By Vidhu Gupta