Focus 2022

Bacău - INE12-09-2022

The first Salesian school in Romania inaugurated

On 5 September 2022, the Foundation "Sf. Ioan Bosco" of Bacău opened the doors of the first Salesian school in Romania with great joy. The mission of the Don Bosco school is based on the Preventive System transmitted by the Saint of Youth, thanks to which it aims to respond to the numerous challenges of today's society. Thus, the Salesian school offers young people an integral education focusing above all on three aspects: education of the conscience, education to love, and finally education to the society -all of which are necessary for the harmonious development of a child. The values underpinning the school thus include education, love and faith.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a small step! In fact, the School of Don Bosco begins with initiating the first class this year listing just 12 children on the rolls. These children, full of emotion and joy, accompanied by their parents, were dressed in their first school uniform and entered their preparatory class to begin their educational journey according to Don Bosco's heart. The celebration was held in a family atmosphere, where the dream of the patron saint of young people was realized, namely to educate the souls of children.

The Rector of Salesian House, Fr Iosif Ilieș, drew a parallel between the dream of Don Bosco at the age of nine and that of the Salesian mission in Bacău, referring to the image of a mountain: the preparatory class was its foot, while the summit towards which it tends to would be the eighth grade, so as to complete an entire educational cycle. To reach the top, support is needed, through the prayers and the collaboration of all. In addition, the Headmistress of the School, Prof. Danisia Dumea, emphasized the need for communication and the joint involvement of all the everyone responsible for the education of the children in a society, namely the school, the family, the church and the society.

Rt. Rev. Petru Sescu, the Auxiliary Bishop of the Diocese of Iași, and the parish priest, Fr Eduard-Mihai Coşa were also present on the occasion. The Bishop encouraged everyone, recalling his deep connection with St John Bosco, highlighting Don Bosco’s exemplary priesthood.

After the first bell rang, the young students trooped into their classroom, with suitable interior to house the little ones, where they began various educational activities together with their teacher, Prof. Daniela Fodor.

At the end of the day, everyone could see that the words most important and dear to Don Bosco, namely 'home' and 'family', were experienced and lived to the full on this first day of school at 'Don Bosco'.