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Partecipazione per S.E.Mons. João Resende




My dear Father Ovídio,

The Rector Major, Fr Pascual Chávez and the General Council of the Congregation wish to show that we are united with you at this time hearing of the passing of Archbishop João Rezende, and we ask that you pass on our prayerful condolences to the family of Dom Resende, the bishops and all the people from the Archdiocese of Belo Horizonte.

In the long life the Lord granted him, there were many projects, comings and goings, always in the same direction: the Kingdom, to which he dedicated himself with zeal and complete availability. His response was always the same - his profession as a Salesian, his priesthood, his exercise of authority as provincial, then as a member of the General Council, and finally as bishop and pastor in Ilhéus and Belo Horizonte.

His wisdom and pastoral sensitivity always contributed to communion and to fostering people and communities in living the Gospel. His famous cheerfulness was a constant revelation of his oratorian spirit, something he never abandoned, since a charism is a gift of the Spirit to the Church and shows up in any of life's circumstances.

The great gifts of communication the Lord gave him, were something he knew how to employ in the service of preaching and the Gospel, with all the means available, especially his special attention to radio and television. His passing into eternal glory becomes a crowning new moment in his life, as he reaches the promised land which was the goal he sought faithfully along with the People of God.

We join you in thanksgiving for these graces, and extend our hand to Dom João's family, the archbishop emeritus Cardinal Dom Serafim Fernandes who took his place in the episcopal ministry in Belo Horizonte and with whom he lived in these recent years, to all the Church in Belo Horizonte and its current archbishop Dom Walmor Oliveira de Azevedo and his auxiliary bishops Dom Joaquim Mol and Dom Aloísio Jorge. Fr Tarcísio Scaramussa General Councillor for Social Communications.