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Meeting of the Provincials of the two Regions of Central and North Europe and the Mediterranean, 31st of October 2014



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Via della Pisana 1111 - 00163 Roma
Il Rettor Maggiore

Rome, 15th September 2014 
Prot. n. 14/0314

To the Reverend Provincials:
the Central and North Europe Region,
the Mediterranean Region,
at their respective addresses

Dear Fr. Provincial,

I trust that you are well. I send you my greetings for the beginning of this new year of formation and educative-pastoral work in the Bicentenary of the Birth of Don Bosco.

I write to remind you that at the end of November there will be the V Meeting of the Provincials of the two Regions of Central and North Europe and the Mediterranean to move forward together on Project Europe. The dates and timings of the meeting are as follows:

  • Friday, 28 November: the meeting begins with lunch at 13.00;
  • Sunday 30 November: the meeting concludes with lunch by 14.00.

To open the conversation at our meeting, could I kindly ask you to send me your reflections and those of your Provincial Council, after you have consulted your Rectors and communities? It would be particularly important to involve the formation communities existing in your Province. And, should it be possible for you, it would be a good idea to listen also to the lay people and the youth of some of your educative and pastoral communities as well as the youth of the SYM.

To make it easy to collate the various contributions, I would kindly ask you to send your answers to the following questions to my Vicar, Fr. Francis Cereda, by the 31st of October 2014:

  • What positive aspects and outcomes have been achieved by Project Europe?
  • What have been the difficulties encountered in realizing Project Europe?
  • What are the main challenges you foresee in moving ahead with Project Europe?
  • What are the priority measures that need to be taken to move ahead with Project Europe?
  • Have you suggestions for drawing up Project Europe for the next six-year period 2014-2020 and for the Commission for Project Europe…?

To reflect on these points we already have the conclusions of the IV meeting held in Rome in November 2012. And, it is important too that we draw inspiration from the Project of the Rector Major and the General Council for the six-year period 2014-2020, viz. from the section that speaks of the two Regions: the Central and North Europe Region and the Mediterranean Region.

If we are able to animate and involve confreres, youth and lay people in this process of reflection and in offering suggestions, it will make for a more effective and fruitful continuation of Project Europe.

Thank you for your collaboration. I remember you and greet you affectionately.

Fr. Ángel Fernández Artime,
Rector Major