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Second encounter of the missionaries present in Europe

Second encounter of the missionaries present in Europe

October 31 - November 3, 2013
Torino - Valdocco

Dear Fathers and Brothers in Don Bosco!

 I’m glad to welcome you to this Second encounter of the missionaries who are taking part in the Project Europe. We come together two years after the first encounter (Rome, 2011)  and 3 months before the GC27 which was prepared by the PC 2013 with your participation!
This meeting is called as part of the accompaniment of more than 70 confreres who did move from their mother provinces to help the Project Europe. We follow the Conclusions of the 2011 First encounter, which requested interprovincial gathering every second year (BEN-FRB, IRL-GBR, AUS-UNG-CEP) and regular Europe-level encounter in the year between these interprovincial gatherings.

In the convocation letter (Jan 6, 2013) for this encounter two specific goals were stated:


Build on the experience both of the missionary and welcoming provincial community

  1. Learn from the experience in order to improve the accompaniment, formation and integration of the missionaries into the new province for the next six years (2014-2020).

Participants of this meeting are invited from 12 provinces who received missionaries in past 10 years: AUS, BEN, CEP, FRB, GBR, ICC, ICP, IME, IRL, ISI, POR and UNG. Invited are missionaries and respective provincial delegates for accompaniment/integration of the PE missionaries, formators or local superiors.

Methodology of this second encounter should help the evaluation of the past 6 years journey (Third Goal of PE: Europe - Mission Land). We try together to reflect on the experience of the missionaries in Europe within the context of changing religious situation of Europe (input 1: Klement), to learn from the SVD Congregation which started Project Europe already 25 years ago (input 2: Maravilla) and reflect on the wisdom of past 6 years of the welcoming and accompanying the missionaries (input 3: Cereda).
Some of you have shared your expectation of this Encounter: Deepen the awareness about main goals of Project Europe, share the good practices going on in the provinces and foster the ongoing sharing among the missionaries and those who accompany you in the provinces.

Language factor in Salesian Europe is an ongoing challenge. We try to bridge the language gap through help of interpreters in the assembly and through the sharing within the language groups, where everybody could feel free to express himself.

As a venue for this encounter was chosen Valdocco, the Motherhouse of the Congregation. So we can draw the inspiration, light from the very experience of Don Bosco in this house! I wish these 3 days would be a truly enriching Salesian charismatic experience!

Fr. Václav Klement
Councilor for the missions