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Strenna 2017 - July reflections

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Strenna 2017 - July reflections

Amiability, Salesian joy           July

In our world, in our families, with those around us we need amiability; more so with young people. We need to ask it as a gift, and to increase it as a virtue and through gestures that favor communication, relationships and make Gods love evident. It all begins with a kind word, or a subtle, kind, courteous, loving detail.

Paul in his Letter to Timothy considered it important and recommended all Christians to be amiable to everyone. Lovable is a person who, from their affectionate, gentle, caring and affectionate attitude, is worthy of being loved.

As a "pedagogue" of young people, Don Bosco knew by experience that it is not enough to love. "Pedagogical charity" requires more; "make oneself loved and lovable; that is, know how to translate love into behavior and acts of generosity, kindness, in a methodology of friendliness, familiarity through dialogue and the joy of living together "(cit. ACS 310, pp 11-12).

It is, in the end, "to be loved", the result of a spirituality and apostolic methodology that is especially original.

This was to be Don Boscos desire for the Salesians: "study how to make yourself loved" by young people, a fundamental aspect of his educational proposal.

Amiability produces peace and is contagious, has the power to "disarm hearts"; in other words, courtesy has the ability to free others from negative emotions because the other lowers their hands, calms down, before a kind gesture.